my pathetic romance

my pathetic romance

16 year old gerard black is fostered,and abused by his roommates. finnaly he gets adopted , of coarse after he is brutally beaten and left in the rain, drigs widow and his young mother adopt him. though drigs isnt to happy about it he knows nothing about what he went through and is making him miserable. when gerards life lightens up and he gets a boyfriend all hell breaks loses and some blood is spilled.

Chapter 1

meet gerard

by: snake_eye
i wook up to a punch in the stomach, real original guys.
i whimpered from the pain and hunched over. i heard chuckling and whistles. i then realized i was in only gym shorts. my cuts,bruises,burns and gashes beamed off of me. i groaned as a long cut across my torso was now open. i was yanked down and laughed at again. really it dosnt bother me. no one wanted them either so they have to suffer like me, but not be beaten every day.

i went in the bathroom. on my way there i grabbed my BLI shirt and revenge hoodie. your probably wondering how i got thees things.
well once a month every store in a 10 mile radius gives us the stuff they don't sell by the end of the day or over stock. so we all stay decent looking.
i looked at myself. a black eye cut lip and the bridge of my nose was bruised.
my teeth were straight and nice and my eyes well i thought were ugly i was complemented on at school by all the girls.
redish brown like a blood color. i fixed my hair and made it nice getting my punched again as soon as i walked out.
'got a date fa***?" loius yelled in my face. john and carter laughed as they threw dirty shirts and pillows at me as i walked out of the room. today was a Sunday i liked going to the lake watching all the families. it made me happy.
i walked along the side walk and through a dirt road leading to the park and lake. i sat on the dock letting my legs hang over. i looked up and saw a blonde haired girl directing a kid my age to the truck. i looked at him in deep thought. the blonde looked at me and smiled though i didnt notice she smiled and nudge the boy flicking her head in my direction. he looked up and gave me a smirk. not a mean 'wow what a fa
**' smirk but a nice welcoming one.
i looked down quickly as i saw the 3 roomates aprear. i let tears slip. the blonde wasnt far from me. actully like a few yards away. i heard someone walk over and i heard the dock creak. i looked up in my glassy eyes and saw the blonde.
"saw ya checkin out my son."
*** at 10 had him at 11."
i looked down and i was yanked up by the 3 terrors.
i herd the girl shout at them and a cracking sound hit my head.
every thing went dark.

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