"Love Is Harsh"


This is a simple love story that xXAusomeXx wanted so here it is.

(Note that I'm not great at love stories so don't be to harsh on me k)

Love can be evil. Love can be kind. For some it could be a wonderful fairy tale. And others it could leave them heartbroken. Which will this story be????????

Chapter 1

New Love

by: Milavone
"Good Morning class today we will be........"

I started to tune out about then. (sigh) My name is Brayan Zena and right now I'm having the worst time of my life. Today school just seems so depressing. Everyone is just so dreary.

"Mr. Zena would you like to participate today."

That sounded more like a command then a question. This was going to be a long day......

(After School)

Okay now that that's over let me tell you more about myself. I am 17 years old and have black hair and silver eyes. I'm pretty smart so I usually get A's and B's. As for my social life I'm more of a loner. Sure maybe I talk to several people every once and a while but other than that nothing else really. And here a sad thing my parents are both dead and I am an only child. I'm still quite sad about that but I try not to show it. Now that you know about me let's continue.

"Hey Brayan could you help me put some things away?"


Since my parents are dead I'm living with my friend Ranger. His family was really kind for letting me stay with them until I go to college. After I helped Ranger's father carry some things I went to find Ranger. He was in his room finishing up his homework.

"Hey" (Ranger)

"Hi" (Brayan)

"So what do want to do today?" (Ranger)

"I don't know." (Brayan)

"Okay were going to the mall." (Ranger)

"Why?" (B)

"Cause you never do anything now grab your jacket and let's go." (R)

At the mall I was still bored and nothing really exciting was going on. Ranger and I decided to go our separate ways and meet up at the cafe later. I wandered around and only bought a t-shirt.(sigh) Man I'm really bored. I went to the cafe and waited for Ranger. I just sat down when this girl approached me.

"Hey, May I sit here?"


Wow. This was the most prettiest girl I have ever seen.

"Ummm? Hello?"

"Sorry what?"

"(giggling) I asked what's your name is?"

"Oh. Brayan. What's yours?"


"That's a nice name." (I know I sound lame right now)

We talked for a while and I found out that she just moved here and that she goes to my school.

"Well I have to go. Can I have your number?"


After I gave her my number she walked away.

"Hey who was that?" (R)

I didn't answer him all I knew was now I have something to look forward to at school.

To Be Continued............

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