Fill in the blanks re-post

Re-post if you want and fill in the blanks

Chapter 1

Read below peeps

1. This is vrry true, people rely on coffee for their day's energy
You rely on ___ for energy. )Energy drinks

2. I look forward to _ everyday.
Going on quibblo

3. I would die if I lost
. (My music, friends, my house, quibblo)

4. If there was a(n) _ in my house, I would . (Monkey) (Laugh)

5. My parents took away my _ because I spend to much time on it.

6. My GF/BF _ ,so I had to break up with him/her.
(Haven't had one in a while but it was complicated)

7. My friend's blondest moment was _.(Nothing)

8. My blondest moment was . (Well I have blonde moments like everyday so Idk my blondest moment)

9.In the High School year book, you'll be named Most likely to
(Have failed, and be a druggy, idk why)

10.When I die,
will be played at my funeral. (New soul- idk who the slow version) (Or Helena- MCR) (Or misguided ghosts-Paramore)

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