My name is Crazy flowergirl (a Batman fanfiction)

Chapter 1

The Asylum

I walked through Arkham, my home for the past thirteen years. I was raised here by some of the toughest villains and faced things that a normal fourteen year old wouldn't.
"Hey, little red!" I heard Aunt Harley say. I turned and saw her waving. Being known as the crazy flower girl wasn't all that I've been known for.Beautiful, botanist, and murderer. The three words that best described me. Not to mention the color green. I may be a poisonous girl, but I was raised by Poison Ivy. My name is Laurel Rose, or Briar as my name has been known to be. I was allowed to go to the gardens during the day, for I was less insane than the others at this madhouse. I occasionally saw Jarvis Tetch there, talking about how the white roses needed to be painted red for the queen. I sat in the middle of the garden, making vines grow from the ground, my red hair laying calmly on my shoulders. Just another normal day for the green skinned plant girl over here.

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