So? It's been up (u don't have to read)

Chapter 1

Hey <3

So on tuesday, my nieghbor's kid came over, and they were in my room.Eddy the boy 10 year old, he looked over my shoulder and saw my account pic and said,"Damn you have big eyes." I said,"is that a complant or no?" He said,"Yes it is." I said,"thank you" I looked away. Then the girl who was there monica she looked at my feet and yelled,"You have small feet" I said,"thank you" O.o that was my face. I said."But everyone steps on them and don't feel them" She laughed. and then my aunt stoped by to and told me that my aunt said i was the prettiest of my sisters. So now i'm wondering why are people calling pretty and beatiful? because i'm cute not pretty. I told my friends about it and they looked at me like if i was crazy and said,"big eyes are beatiful. And u are beatiful" i smiled and looked away. The bell rang so we left to our class.After school my mom was looking throu pic.s of our past. I posted some of when i was little. she said my dad would call me a chubby kitty. But according to everuone thats goood because kitty are cute.My mom laughed and said,"Your so betaiful since ur were little" my mom never been a person people. So hides her feelings but when she said that i actually believed she met it. My grandpa tells me too. But i won't believe it :) <3. So it's wierd i not use to complients about that.
love glory


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