Foxface Wins the Games! (For HungerGames8 contest)

This is in Foxface's POV if she won the Hunger Games. Comment if I should make another chapter. This is my first real story so go easy on me!

Chapter 1

Difference Between Life and Death

I was just hiding there camoflauged by the branches and leaves waiting for Marina to come to the lake where I knew she was isolating herself. She knew I was clever, but didnt think I was gonna come to her camp-out for a sneak attack. However she thought wrong! How surprising it was that she survived Katniss' tracker jacker attack and the feast. She finally came back and full in her arms was some strange banana looking things. I waited for her to eat and drink to gain energy before I came out from my hiding spot. When I did, she didnt hear me at all so I said "Hey there Marina," just like we were old pals. "Hows it going for you?" She ever so slowly turned around to see who it was and appeared relieved that it was only me. She definitely underestimated me, and if anyone and I mean ANYONE who underestimates me regrets it! And I make sure they do! So I attacked her and held my knife against her neck and asked "Do you want me to do this the easy way or the hard way? If you want the easy way dont move and I will make this fast. Or I can do it the hard way and slowly suffocate you with a vine I found, cut your legs, and gag you! Its your choice! Move your head up and down slowly if you understand me! She nodded her head as slowly as she turned around, apparently she valued her life dearly! Sucks to be her because I promised my little brother Brayden I would come back for him. She chose the hard way by squirming and trying to get me off her back so I kept the knife up to her neck and went to go get the vine. She was incredibly heavy for such a young girl! But I finally hoisted her up there and gagged her with the leaves she retrieved from "banana" picking. I then cut the back of her left calf and waited for some blood to come out before cutting her right thigh. She then started screaming something, so I took the gag out of her mouth and she cried out clearly in pain "Stop! Just slit my throat open or however you were gonna make me die the easy way! Please I am begging you to kill me now!" So it was as simple as that. I took my knife and cut all her hair off first before the final blow. Her long dark brunette hair, now just little spikes on top of her head. I then just split open the top of her head and the blood just rushed right out and then I heard the cannon's BOOM!! and ran straight to the golden cornucopia glistening in the evening sun. The birds stopped chirping and the helicopter picked her up and took her away, forever. All of a sudden I heard trumpets, confetti cannons, and Claudius Templesmith's loud vivid voice announcing that I was the winner of the 74th annual Hunger Games! I thought I was dreaming, I never thought in a billion years I would actually win the Hunger Games! But I did, and I was going home to my only real family left, Brayden! I was hoisted in the air by a helicopter and whisked away to the Capitol to yet again be waxed, scrubbed, and cleaned by my prep team. But what I didnt know is that the hospital erased all scars and blemishes that had developed either in the games or in the past. But all that mattered now was that I could finally go home and see my dear brother Brayden and we would live happily ever after in my new house in the Victors Village! But I knew that was not going to happen...

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