These are actual events that usually happen on my weekends. Enjoy. :)

Chapter 1


I sit out here now, outside. I watch my chickens scratch around in front of me and I eye them off carefully. The sun is warm, and a cool breeze is soothing. I breath in deeply, just snuggling my feet drop into the short, green grass were I am sitting. Sighing, my eyes move to an ant which is scurrying along a stretch of timber. The sun was now getting brighter. Squinting my eyes, I get up and move into the shade, my chickens following me. I settle myself down in the broken shed, where the hay for the chickens is stored. Its nice in here. The weather is warm and I can still wear long clothing. Music starts playing from our next door neighbours house and I clench my teeth. They always play loud music on the weekends. Trying to block it out, I itch my foot where a line piece of straw dared to scrape against my toe. I jumped as a heard a snap of twigs and a bird flew out of the trees in front of me. Rubbing my head and laughing to myself. Searching the yard, I see I guy from next door standing on his roof. I'm just hoping he doesn't see me. Jellybean and Aurora are standing together and I wonder where Coco could be. Standing up I peer outside and see her stepping over to join her companions. Now I just sit here, waiting for something interesting to happen. But but nothing does. Coco is coming towards me and clucking, I don't know why. Perhaps she need to lay an egg. They usually lay in the hay instead of their pen. I don't mind, it's easier for me too. Turning back to look at the hole the chicken had made, I press it gently. Eventually I stretch and make my way out of the tank. I brush of my pants and step to follow my chickens into the bushes. I see glass so I stop and walk back towards my house.

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