How to make words on Quibblo in bold?

Hi, just for people that don't know yet. I just learned this. :3

Chapter 1

How to make words on Quibblo in bold?

Pretend you want to make the word Hi in bold. Just write the word Hi with the little flower or star thing * in front and back of the phrase. The little star/flower thing is at the right corner of the keyboard. While your typing you can not see the word in bold, you can see it when you submitted it. :3 Also another trick, I see some people writing orange color words.
To make a word or sentence in orange font put this [ [ and the other one flipped on the front and back of the word or sentence just like what you do in bold. EX. [[Hi]] NO SPACES BETWEEN [ [!!!
More tricks! I see people with words or sentences underlined and in italics! For underlined words or sentences write this line _ on both sides like the bold and orange too. EX. Hi For italics put a slash or something like this / on both side of the word or sentences like the others. EX. Hi Hope this helps Try in it in the comments! I will post more when I found them!


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