For All of My Minions/Stalkers that would LOOOOOVE to know more about me. XD

The Title Says it All...

100 Questions, 100 Answers all from ME! Yes I know THIS isnt all of them....but I'm falling behind and my thoughts are kinda foggy at the moment. All of them were questions I have been asked in the past. So some maybe a little odd.

For all you nosy people. Oh yeah...dont be shy....message me/comment all that good stuffs.

Chapter 1

I lied...this is going to be about my dog. -_-

(/^o^)/ LET THE QUESTIONS BEGIN!! \(^o^\)


~About this person~

1. Age: 13...not no 17. I know...shocking Yeah I know...


3. State I live in? Unfortunately Kentucky.....

4. Grade: Going to the 8th as of August 2012.

5. Stereotypical "label"? The "BAMF" label.

6. Siblings? Yes.....the youngest....two brothers one sister. All grown up had kids already and spread across the country.

7. Height? Friggin tall for a 13 year old girl.....5'8

8. Weight? A LOT more than I look.


9. Fave subject? World history/geography/writing/P.E!!!

10. Least fave? Hmmm.....I dont have one....but that would change depending on the teacher. Amen to that.

11. Fave school memory? Dont think bad of me...on 3/18/09 (I was 10 years old) I got into a fight with someone that was making fun about me on a touchy subject. Long story short...charged at him in the hallway in front of two teachers. Blood. Cussing. Guy screaming like a girl. A misplaced nose and "swag earrings torn out". Teachers pulling me off of him. Crying dude sent to hospital. All I got was a suspension the following day and the teacher forgot to send assignments to my house. You know what my Dad said? "That's good, Kallie! I'm so proud!" And he treated me to Mexican that night. The only reason I was treated like that was because....(let's call the dude P) P was bullying me for that whole year and he wouldnt stop no matter what I did. I admit it, I WAS a pushover until that. (And those words tasted like vinegar when they rolled off my tongue, thank you very much.) I didnt stick up for myself and got my feelings hurt to easily. P was one of those, "Gangstas who think they're cool cause they defeat the purpose of a belt" and that sickened me anyway. Dad was proud of me because I FINALLY got out of my shell.

12. My G.P.A? Let's just say I'll throw the teacher out the window if I ever get a B.

13. Got held back? GASP Thats a cussword to me!

14. Do I like school? Well in elementary I loathed I'm in middle school, I learned to love it.

15. School crush? I dont think my gives out any brand of Crush....

16. Any famous guest speakers? NFL player, George Wilson and Miss World...or something like that. Some blonde chick that was shorter than me. XD

~~~~~~~~~MUSIC STUFFSIES!!!.~~~~~~

17. Fave music artists? Well....Taylor Swift, Hinder, erm... Beyonce, Ke$ha and Jonghyun? (Although Jonghyun is part of a band...although his voice is like....the only voice that beats it is God's. XD) I listen to more bands than singers.

18. Singers on my hitlist? You know who they are. JB, SELENA GOMEZ, AND REBECCA BLACK. Loads gun

19. Fave bands? WHERE SHOULD I START?? Um....obviously SHINee hardcore Shawol but not any of that creepy fangirl stuff, EW. Also, Blood On The Dance Floor, Nickelback, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Black Veil Brides, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Crows....etc etc etc.

20. The "Band" on my hitlist? WHADDYA THINK? THAT STUPID GROUP OF BARBIE KEN LOOKING GUYS! Hope this may clear up the suspense: Where do all the gays go? In One Direction. If you still dont know....I feel sorry for you.

21. Genres I listen to? EVERYTHING. To Rap to country, to alternate , to Kpop to friggin latino rap. But I have limitations. No HARDCORE obnoxious rap, no redneck hillbilly sounding country, and no awkward screaming screamo.

22. Favorite songs I recommend? Well...Yo ho (Pirates Life for Me), CANDYLAND: Blood On the Dance Floor (dirty alert both songs!) Sherlock, Hello, Lucifer, Replay, RingDingDong, Amigo: SHINee. Ven Conmigo: Daddy Yankee and Prince Royce. Hey Oh: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lips of an Angel: Hinder Rockstar, Animal, Savin Me, If Everyone Cared, Something in Your Mouth: Nickelback. Love, Hate, sx, Pain: Godsmack. Crazy B (dirty alert): Buckcherry. So What! ( P!nk) I wont give up: Jason Mraz

23. My theme song? Ummm...So What by P!nk (because I'm one of those IDGAF people and I'm a tomboy like her) Or Savin Me by Nickelback for some reason.

24. Ever been to a concert? Yeah....a real small one. Glen Campbell my parents dragged me to. (We didnt have to pay for it so it was cool I guess.)

25. Play an instrument? Does Guitar Hero count? XD

26. Music love? Do I have to answer that? Its pretty obvious. Go back to #17 if you forgot already.


27. My favorite food? Pshaww....dark chocolate is my sin and ANY form of fish is my temptation.

28. My least fave? CANTELOPE. >.<

29. My favorite kinds of food? I love Mexican and Japanese all the same. Or my Mom's cooking....its free. :D

30. My least favorite kinds of food? The school's. Its like PlayDoh....EPIC to play with...but no eaty. If you want to see an artwork made by ketchup, look on the school's lunchroom ceiling. The artist is anonymous. ;)

31. My favorite resturant? Either Tribeca's or Hananoki. I like exotic stuff....

32. My least favorite resturant? Ummm...Steak and Shake. Food tastes cheap and my cousins and I were once banned there for a month. Don't ask.

33. The MILLION dollar question....can Kallie cook? Yeah I can....I can cook the house.....well done too.


34. Does Kallie believe in God? Of course!!! I give Him my highest praise.

35. What branch of Christianity am I? (Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist..) I'm Roman Catholic....I go to a huge old fashioned church full of Hispanics....good thing I can speak Spanish like a carrot. DX

36. Do I believe in 12/21/12? Fudge no. I think THAT is the stupidest thing related to time....

37. Do I believe in Bigfoot? If I told you I have him/her as a neighbor....

38. Do I believe in Santa Claus? Does "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake." appear to be worth believing in some fat stalker?

39. Do I believe in aliens? please...I am an alien.

40. Do I believe in myself? Of course! I can do anything I can put my mind to!

~~~~~AMBITIONS, WISHES AND STUFF!!! (Valley girl accent)~~~~~~~

41. If a blue genie came out of a lamp I rubbed and he sounds like Robin Williams and he wanted to grant me 3 wishes, what would Kallie want those wishes to be?
1. Make everybody that comes across Kallie on the Internet, TV, in person etc, to laugh their heart least once.
2. Two FREE tickets for Kallie and her bestest bestest best buddeh, Ariana (iLoVeMyBaByJaSoN) to go on a World Tour with SHINee.
3. 3 more genies. :D

42. What does Kallie want ot be when she grows up? Hmm...either be the best friggin author the world has ever seen....or be a cardiac surgeon.

43. My two ambitions? Well....right this second? Brush Taemin's hair/give one of the Mexican divers on the Olympics a wedgie. o.O X'D

44. What kind of thing I want my best friend to say at my funeral if I die right now? Umm..."Don't worry Kallie....I'll guard the Blue Apple Garden while you wait for me." or my other one "MY BEST FELLOW SHAWOL!!! NO! I will resurrect you from the dead with mah sexy wink."

45. My Bucket List? Hmm...isnt it a little to early to think about that? Well....apply my first two wishes and my first occupation I listed and I'll be good until I'm wormfood. :D

46. What kind of legacy I want to leave on my Inner Circle? "That one funny chick that made a difference in my life. Even if she was a bit mean....I still loved her."

47. What kind of super powers I want? Please....I dont need that. I have a comeback to everything, including a position my fist should be hitting on your face. Jk....but I hope you get it. But if all else fails, being able to tell instantly if a person was lying about something. Or having SUPER intelligence.

48. If Kallie could go to AAAANY place she wants to, where would she go? long as its "Someweeeeerrrrre ooooover the rainbooooowwww" cues old Wizard of Oz Music Like some friggin uppity Asian country like Japan or South Korea. I have my chopsticks at the ready!


49. Where was I born? In a health clinic. Like some friggin alien or grimlin or something weird like that. DX

50. Where do I want to die? What kinda question is that? Erm....on the red moon on the date of 2/37/2999.

51. Where have I been in the last year? In your dreams....thats where I have been. :P Seriously...I have been to England, Orlando and in your closet.

52. Where have I been in my life? WHERE TO START. Well this isnt in order....Puerto Rico, ALL OF LATIN AMERICA, Jamaica, Haiti, Canada, all the States, and Cuba.

53. Favorite place I have been to? Either England or Brazil.

54. Have I flown? No, I rode a shark to England and flew on a butterfly to Brazil.

55. Favorite travel moment? When got off the plane at England. I was like Usain Bolt off the plane.

56. Least favorite travel moment? Ermm....trying to find a translator in Brazil. UGH....dont even get me started about that...mess. Let's just say anybody can be a wanted drug lord.

57. Would Kallie be able to take over to TAKE OVER DA WORLD?? In the near the near future. I will turn you into a robot in your sleep and we'll brush Lil Waynes hair!!! You: WTF IS THE MATTER WITH YOU??


58. If Kallie was in Hogwarts and was sorted into a House...what would that House be? Ummm....a Ravenclaw/Slytherin/Gryffindor....not really a suitable Hufflepuff.

59. Element? Either Earth or Darkness.

60. What color is my soul? Soul colored.

61. If Kallie was similiar to a meme...what would it be? Hmmm...either a You Dont Say (A sarcastic, snarky meme for you noobs), IDGAF meme, or Troll. XD If you get to know me or already would understand.

62. If Kallie was an animal....what would she be? Hmmm.....either that SEXY BEAST...or just a hawk. (Independent, intelligent, potential to be a BOSS)

63. My top 3 personalities? my opinion.....Intelligent, mean, funny.

64. Am I a bish? ....Whenever people call me this...I either respond with a "Why thank you!" (With a smile because its polite.) or if I'm not in the mood for sheer joy, "I'm not a just dont like me because I can see through your bull blindfolded.

65. Do I have an ego? Everybody matter how big it is.

66. My role model? Me, myself, and I.....or Bruce Lee. "Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to overcome a difficult one." ~Bruce Lee.

67. Am I a role model? Everybody has at least one diehard fan. XD

68. If I was to go to prison for something....what would it be? Well....people would respond, "Murder" I say, "You dont know what its like to kill someone. You dont want that to stain your soul. Besides, I would probably be in the slammer for voluntary manslaughter." SO CHEERFUL.

~~~~~~~~SCALES!!!!!! :D Exciting~~~~~~~~~

69. On a scale of 1-100, how perverted am I? ......69. ;)

70. On a scale of 1-10 how mean am I in general? Ummmm...It would be safe to less than 8.

71. On a scale of 1-10 how mature am I? Unless I'm cracking jokes or feeling reckless, I'm pretty mature....9.

72. On a scale of 1-10 how crazy am I?......Um, thats for me to wonder and you to know. ;)

73. On a scale of 1-10 how foul-mouthed am I? If I'm with my friends....I limit. If I'm with my Inner Circle, I curse like a sailor. If I'm with family, teachers, and random classmates, I talk like a dang shoekisser for the Queen. XD So ummm...a 6!!

74. On a scale of 1-10 how pretty do I think I look? (What kind of question is this?) is the eye of the beholder....? Avoids question Let's just say I friggin hate makeup!! If a buddie of mine tries to put ANYTHING with color or glitter on my face, I aint responsible for any injuries or accidents.

75. On a scale of 1-10 how smart do I think I am? Well....I'm intelligent enough to know I aint the smartest person I know and know for a fact I am ignorant to about an infinity number of other things. But I dont depend on anything...I put matters in my own I'm pretty reliable on answers.

~~~~~~ABOUTZ MY FAMILY!!! yay~~~~~~~

WELL THAT'S IT FOR THE WEEK!!!! :D REMEMBER DON'T BE AFRAID TO RATE OR COMMENT! I will look forward to any comments....even negative ones....don't worry...I got my Caps Lock On.

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