a book of poems for whomever decides to write a few...

This is a book if you can't see, a book of poems that starts with me, and as this intro goes on and on, for the poem book that I will pass on....

Chapter 1

The Ocelot That Guides

The first of the chapters belongs just to me, a book of poems for all to see, just write a few and pass it on, a guise for anyone to don...

And in my troubled, pitch black sleep
I pray these poems you will keep
Writes poems in this book and you will see
How fun and easy, writing poetry can be!

Anyone can write, that is for sure
For pain and loneliness there is one cure,
For telling your feelings through word and song,
Will help the troubled heart along!

Bathed in a sea of storms in here
My pain, it will not disappear
Though once this wind, my skin it would seer
I'm now ok, since you are here.....

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