Of Tributes And Victors (A Clato Story)

Do you want me to finish this, or leave it as a one shot?

This'll be way different than the way it was in the book.

Chapter 1

My World *Clove's POV*

I walk through the tall grass of the arena as if it were the streets I grew up on, back in D2. Confidently. Armed and dangerous. Except, this time, it's real.
But that's no problem. I was trained for this, all fifteen years, two months, and twenty-three days of my life.
And if I die, I was born to.
But that's what you get when you live in D2.

Something seems off. Something that should be there- isn't. I turn, trying to find it. First, I look for all the people.
Me. No duh.
Cato. Of course, I think, squeezing his hand.
Glimmer. Unfortunately.
Maya (The D4 girl) Check.
Marvel... Nope, no Marvel.
Then where is he? Down by the lake? No, he can't swim. Deeper in this stupid field? Probably not. The grass isn't even tall enough to cover my head. In the forest? Seems like the most likely answer.
Now, why?

"Did anyone see where Marvel went?" I ask, bored.

"Meh. Kinda. He said he was going to go to the lake." Maya responds
"He can't swim. Idiot." I growl.

"Let's go," Cato sighs. "But I'm not saving him again."

We start the walk back to the lake. We're about halfway there when we see smoke. Lots of it. Our supplies are burned up. Exploded, really. It could only be one person, the Girl On Fire. Leaving her little flames like a calling card.

Across the ashes, I see the D3 boy try to run. He gets about ten feet before Cato catches him.
He's dead.

But where's Marvel? I turn, searching, till Maya yells "Smoke!"

"Not again!" I sigh. The last time we ran into fire, those two idiots nearly got killed by first the fire, then some oversized bumblebees, next Thresh, and, finally, Marvel. Since then, they nearly have gotten blown up by the mines, eaten Nightlock (and several other posonous plants) ran between me and the tree I was using as a target while I was throwing knives, fell out of a tree, nearly gotten killed by some tribute (I had to pull her off them), and gotten on everyone's nerves. Cato, Marvel and I decided that if anything else happens, it's rock-paper-sissors-lizard-Spock over who kills them.

"Meh. It looks like a campfire," I add to my previous statement.

"Campfire equals tributes." Cato says excitedly.

"Tributes equal..." Glimmer adds.

"Knives." I grin.

"Campfire equals knives?" Maya questions.

"Campfire equals knives." Cato confirms.
We head toward the smoke, drawing weapons as we go. We're nearly there when...
"Was that Marvel?" Glimmer askes.

"How am I supposed to know?" Maya says.


"I think he was fighting with someone." I state.

"And they killed eachother." Cato finishes. We start running in the direction of the direction of the smoke. When we break through the edge of the clearing, we see Katniss, covering the little girl from 11's body with flowers.


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