The One Without the Scar ~ Haley Potter, Year 1

Haley hated her life in the orphanage. She hated her annoying roommate, Kelly. She especially hated Miss. Turner, head of the orphanage. But one day, Haley received a letter just for her. Once she opened the letter, her life changed. She unlocked a secret about her secret twin brother and a wizardry school.

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Chapter 1

The First Page

Dear Diary,

I feel kind of stupid writing in a diary. But I have no one, or nothing, else to talk to.
My name is Haley Potter and may I just say, my life is a pile of garbage. I live in a orphanage in London. The orphanage is like a prison. And I am like a prisoner.
I first arrived when I was around a year old. My parents, as I have been told, died in a car accident. Worst day ever!
I really miss my mum and dad. Every day, I think about them. I only remember a little bit. I remember my mum's beautiful, smiling face and my dad's laugh. Another thing I remember was this weird, green light.
I wish there was no car accident so that I wouldn't be stuck in the orphanage with snotty Kelly Green and stubborn Miss. Turner.
Anyways, my 11th birthday is tomorrow. It will probably be as pathetic as the rest of my birthdays were.
I better stop. It is almost supper and I would get in trouble again if I was late.


I signed my name with an extra curl to the y and then shut the diary. I place the quill gently next the diary. Then, the familiar bell that represented supper rang.
"Supper!" A voice called from downstairs.
I stood up and glanced down at my diary. I took it and slipped it into the drawer of my desk.
I walked to the door and opened it. I was about to step out when Kelly Green, my obnoxious roommate, pushed me out of the way. I fell the floor and Kelly smirked.
Kelly left and I stood up. I brushed some dust off my grey uniform. Kelly had shut the door. Typical Kelly.
I was about to open the door again when there was some sort of tapping on the window. I turned and there was an owl. It had some envelope in the talons of the feet.
I opened the window and the owl flew in the room.
"No!" I quickly whispered to myself. "I will get punished if she sees the owl!"
The owl landed on the top of the bunk bed, where I slept. Kelly slept on the bottom. I climbed up the ladder and sat with my legs crossed on the bed.
The envelope was placed into my lap and then the owl flew back outside.
"What the heck?" I said.
The envelope was written in emerald ink. It was addressed to me.
Right when I was about to open it, the door was forced open. Miss. Turner was at the doorway. She didn't look too happy.
"Haley Lily Potter!" Miss. Turner hissed. "Explain to me why you missed supper again!
I climbed down the ladder, quietly. I knew I was in deep trouble.
"Well?" Miss. Turner snapped, crossing her arms.
"Kelly pushed me down and-" I started but I was cut off.
"Potter! How dare you insult Kelly!?!? Kelly is a perfect angel! You should start acting more like her!" Miss. Turner hissed again.
I wouldn't want to act like Kelly, I thought. Unless I want to turn out like a pig.
"Well, you will be punished immediately. This behavior is unacceptable!" Miss. Turner said.
"What behavior? I just missed supper! It isn't that big of a deal!" I told her.
Miss. Turner's face turned red with anger.
"Potter, you will be put on dish duty for the rest of the week and you will get to sleep in Room A9." Miss. Turner said.
Room A9 was on the top floor of the orphanage. And it is a nightmare. I heard rumors about that room. A lot of mischief makers were sent there and they said that the room was bare with only an uncomfortable pillow and a dirty blanket. If you had to go to the lavatory, you would have to hold it in.
"Let's go!" Miss. Turner told me, grabbing my arm and dragging me out.
This was probably going to be a pretty bad night.

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