The tragic death of Anna Elizabeth Gerlled

I am bord

Chapter 1

chapter one

I walk out of are old farm house the floor boards creaking under my feet. The hurricane had come and gone leaving a breazy summer night. Lightnig flashed in the distance and if you listen carefully you can hear thunder. I sit on the concrete steps and hear the muffled voices full of laughter from inside. My hair is tossed in the wind getting into a tangled brown mess I hear the wind chimes from the side of the porch. The powers out but the Lightnig flashes so often there is no need for light. A break in the clouds showing the moon and stars. Next month I start school but for now I am free in my own little world. I get up and walk into the filed next to the house on the south side on the west is a shed and a trail leading into the woods on the east is a pond and on the north is trees all around a drive way leading up to the house the breeze blows harder and ran starts to fall. My mother yells for me to come inside the eye of the storm had passed over us it was starting up agen. I stood there for a minute then reluctantly went back in to the house.

Should I continue I am describing my grand pearents house am I doing good?.

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