Quibblo Survey Repost

Chapter 1

Quib Survey

Quibblo related

Do you like Quibblo? I would think so since I'm still here.
How long have you been on Quibblo? I've been on this profile for a little over a year but have been on quibblo for over 4 years all together.
How many friends do you have? 180
Have you ever had to delete people from your friends list? No but the number has diminished from other people deleting.
Do you want more friends? Love meeting and talking to people, as well as taking quizzes, so yes.
Do you wish you could have more then 5 top friends? I'm ok with the 5, the top ones don't change too often. I added a new person a couple days ago and I hadn't done that in a while.
Have you ever considered deleting? Nope. The only reason I have this new year-old account is because when I wanted to come back to quibblo I forgot the email and password I used for my old one.

~Your account

Do you update your 'about me' often? Not too often, I did recently when I graduated from college since it still said I was a student. I just update when I need to keep the info correct.
Does your profile show your real age? Yes
Do you change your profile picture a lot? I've had quite a few over the years but they typically stay for a while.
Do you change your profile theme a lot? No, I've only changed it a few times...and I only change the background photo not the color scheme.


Who was your first Quibblo friend? I honestly don't remember but I do remember some of my oldest quibblo friends, many of whom are not on here anymore.
Do you know any of you Quibblo friends in real life? Two of them.
Are any of your siblings on Quibblo? I'm an only child, so no.
Who would you miss the most if you deleted? Qu1ster, marcoi, leniknik, m3rcy616...Rydo just deleted today and he was one of the first people I ever added on here, but we talk outside of quibblo so I won't be losing touch with him. I'll just miss his insight and comments on here.
Who is/are your Quibblo BFF(s)? Not really sure, a lot of the people mentioned above certainly.
Who is like your Quibblo sister/brother? Well Rydo would have been one...but I think I'd adopt the Australians (marcoi and Ozchris) as my brothers haha
Who do you like talking to the most? Anyone and everyone who wants to talk.
Which of your friends always makes you laugh? A lot can
Out of all your friends, who makes the best quizzes/surveys/polls? Oh boy, well I obviously enjoy taking quizzes/polls and so on from all of my top friends. There are some great quiz makers on my friends list.
Out of all your friends, who writes the best stories? I can't give an honest answer to this, I haven't been keeping up on stories as well as I used to.

Who did you copy this from? Ithilwen (Qu1ster)
Origanally crated by: ArtemisRocks1400

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