Please read? :( Please?

Hehehehehe, made the title so more ppl wud read >:D

Chapter 1

First day!

Okay so when I went to my new school with Jade, I was kinda nervous cause I didn't know that many people, but then I was okay, cos me and Jade have all our classes together xD
Dont ask how.....

Anyway, when i was walking through to our first class, Jade went to the bathroom cos you know, she had to go, and a whole bunch of people were staring at me.
I was all
And I met the most amazing people!
Jessica is as crazy as me and Jade, Jerry is a ridiculous psychopath who loves to make fun of the cheerleaders.
When he saw all of em, he got this from a movie, me and him cheered out and even did a little dance >:D
It was soooooooooooooooooooooo funny!
I love all my teachers, especially my biology teacher xD
Hes so amazing....
And Mathew......just has such a dirty dont want to know what he said about us being models......O.o
Sadan, hes just the most gentleman man I have ever met, he shook my hand and is such a smiley person I love it! ^-^
James is sooooooo adorable! He looks so hot in his lil letter man jacket ;) And he gives me piggy back rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
Christian is the cocky one ^-^ he always puts his arm around my shoulder rolls eyes
Mack has a dog named cheeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love that! hes the athletic one, and hes soooo funny, does knock knock jokes and makes me crack up even though their supposed to b lame ^-^ xD
Henry looks exactly like Harry Styles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes got the hair, the eyes the smile! Everything! They could be twins! Im not joking, as soon as he walked uo to me I thought it was Harry himself! He even wears the glasses ^-^
And Freddy is the bad boy, he wears all black and has Harry's hair. Hes so funny and gives me piggy back rides too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God I love piggy back rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got asked out fourteen times! It was gross, they werent all in my grade and one was a girl, but hey.....watcha gunna do?
We got to have lunch in the bleachers today and it was just-just......../so/ much fun!
I love high school!
Its gigantic and there are so many friends I have already!
Jade doesnt want me to tell you this but she only got asked out eight times >:D
I wore short shorts and got dress coded, and instead of wearing the pants in the office, I just said they didn't fit >:D
So i got to wear booty shorts all day >:D
Oh, being a fresh man was just amazing. I love high school and even binder checked a senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They talked some trash bout us fresh, but I set em straight ;)
God, I cant wait to get to know more people, we even have our own little section in the lunchroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDxDxDxDxDxD
Im even back in the same group as I was back at home! The outcast/nerds/popular kids!
Were weird, but ppl no us ;) xDxDxD
Sebastian and Aaron even met some guys that we're gonna meet tomorrow!!!!
Sebastian got asked out four times >:D
He looked so fresh in his clothes, going to school dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that made him look buff ^-^
Even Aaron ^-^ Got asked out four times too ^-^
And Jade was right, this morning she said we were gonna be the school hotties, I guess we are since a couple guys said so.....
And one guy even said they were talking about us in the boys locker room when they got to check it out O.o
Gross i know......
Then after school we ate at in-n out! Apparently thats the after school hang out >:D
It was soooo much fun!
We did flips and jumps all around school and it was freaking amazing >:D


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