My life is always like this....

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So here's the main character:
Name: Alliana Malfoy
Nickname: Alley
Siblings: Brother, Draco Malfoy
Appearance: White blond, straight hair which touch shoulder blades. Grey-blue eyes which accompany her pale skin.
House: Slytherin
Looks a lot like her brother because they are twins and resembles a Malfoy.
Friends: Harry, Ron, Hermione, some slytherins aswell.

Chapter 1

As Always

I sat on the ledge of my bedroom window, legs dangling, entwining my wand between my fingers. The door opened then shut from behind me but I paid no attention.
"Hey Alley." My brother said sitting next to me.
"Hey Draco." I said not looking up from my staring down.
Me and my brother got along really well, I suppose it's because we're twins. Apparantly were a lot alike but I don't see it. Anyhow yeah we're in Hogwarts at the moment gong into 4th year.
"Are you okay?" Draco asked me.
"Yeah I'm fine." I said smiling half-heartedly at looking at him.
"We've got school tomorrow Mother said to come and check on you." Draco explained.
"I've done the packing and don't worry it's been done more than once." I said standing on the ledge then jumping into my bedroom. I walked to my bed and sat on it and sighed.
"I suppose your not looking forward to going back to Hogwarts are you?" I asked Draco.
"No, am I heck!" he snorted. I rolled my eyes at him, we do it often to each other that's how we know we love each other.
"Yeah right!" I said looking at him. "You can't wait to get back with pug-face, can you?"
I laughed at his shocked face.
"Ew!" he said. "Don't remind me." he shuddered. I laughed even more.
Just then a pillow was flung in my direction and hit me on the head and I heard Draco laughing.
"Oui!" I said and was quick to fling one back towards him. "Don't fall out the window!"
We both laughed at each other.
"Go now I need to sleep!" I said to Draco. He rolled his eyes at me and got up off the window-sill.
"I love you, Goodnight." Draco said walking across the room and opening the door.
"Love you too Draco! Night!" I said as the door shut. I got under the covers, leaving my wand on the pillow beside me, I fell asleep instantly.

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