My darling, My little love

Chapter 1

Sleep, darling, dream, my darling

by: Irishsong
Oh my darling,
My little love.
Small and loving,
My pure white dove.

You don't judge,
You rarely cry.
You're sweet as fudge
Your prescence makes me sigh.

My tiny darling,
My mini me.
You smile is a tiny sling
You gurgle like a buzy bee.

Sleep now my darling,
My forever angel.
I love you my tiny love.
As do all the angels up above.

They'll sing for you too
My tiny little flower
They love you too
Up in their floating tower

You will hear them
My tiny one
When you sleep
You'll be as one.

Sleep on
My little darling
My love's forvever,
My tiny love.


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