#1DPinkiePromise (important)‏

please read!

Chapter 1

#1DPinkiePromise (important)‏

> > > > We Directioners are bullying each other, lashing out and having ship wars, sending hate towards each other and members of One Direction.
> > > > This has been going on on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and this very site.
> > > > Why?
> > > > It's rumored on here that some people's words have convinced others to take their own life.
> > > > This is not what Directioners do.
> > > > As Directioners, we are supposed to be there when the rest of the world doesn't understand our fangirl-ish ways.
> > > > We are supposed to stand up for one another and support One Direction and their friends. (That includes their lovely girlfriends.)
> > > > I understand drama happens everywhere, but this has gone far enough. Do you think the boys would be happy to see all of this?
> > > > What happened to being a big, happy, One Direction family?
> > > > What's that sound? Oh, it's the other fandoms laughing at us as we slowly cause ourselves to crumble.
> > > > Like, seriously.
> > > > We are supposed to defend One Direction when jealous haters attack with their cruel words. How can we do that when we're doing the same thing to each other? > > > > I'm just saying, if we don't do something now, this fandom won't be around much longer.
> > > > Trust me.
> > > > Let's all promise One Direction that we'll stop the hate, the ship wars, just everything, and go back to being a happy 1D fandom, by posting, tweeting, trending,forwarding, taking a picture of, or whatever of "#1DPinkiePromise" or "Peace in the 1D Fandom" or something. I dunno I'm really bad at those things.
> > > > There's no deadline or date, just a little message to show that we notice what's happening and we are gonna try to stop this and focus on other things..like..oh I don't know, obsessing over 1D maybe?
> > > > > > > > (forward this on so other Directioners can see it and i'm not the only one doing it and looking like a Forever Alone.)
> > > > thanks :)
> > > > ------------
(please repost this on this website and one direction fan clubs or twitter/tumblr/facebook)


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