Gakuen Hetalia!

So ive decided to do a Hetalia story!
I'm working on it atm so hope u look forward to it!!! :3

Chapter 1

Character Info

Main Character!

Name: Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas)
Human Name: Maria Clara de la Cruz (Maria for short)
Age (in the story!): 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 12
Hair Color: Ebony Black/Deep Brown
Eye Color: Golden Brown
Height: 164 (5'3" est)
Friends with: Spain, China, America, Japan, Mexico, Australia, England, Canada, N.Italy and Romano

Personality: Maria is stubborn, out-spoken, loves mangoes, great hospitality, and has a very violent side to her too. She is often refered to as tsundere. She is very scary when she gets mad...VERY SCARY...she knows many forms of fighting which gives her an advantage when in battle with an enemy. Maria loves her food. Food is the one thing that calms her down and makes her less angry. She loves Filipino dishes especially. And she loves to cook. She loves making food for others. She is also very caring when she wants to be. She likes to wake up very early and works all morning then sleeps in the afternoon.

Maria is deathly afraid of spiders. She also has a deep fear of Duwendes (mythical Philippine dwarves). At first, she did not belive in them, until one day she accidentally destroyed a Duwende's home. Because of that she ended up having terrible luck that lasted for a long time.

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