Remember~ One Direction Love Story

I am excited for this.
Ohhhh :D
Im soo happy. :)

Chapter 1


"Dani please Harry!" I begged. He frowned.
"But I want Darcy." I frowned this time.
"But Darcy is such a ugly name." I snickered. He gasped as if he was hurt.
"Well Dani is a boy name!" He protested. I smiled.
"Yes, that is why I want my baby to be named Dani. It will be different! And you know I love when girls have a boy name!" I replied. He frowned.
"Let's compromise. Get something in the middle." He said wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Okay, Darcy starts with a D. I want the last name three letters to be A N I. So... D.A.N.I. Dani! Thanks babe." I replied. He quirked an eyebrow.

"Please, Harry please!" I begged again.
"Fine! Next girl it's going to be Darcy." I jumped up and down, but he stopped me. "Don't hurt the baby. It's already been 9 months we don't know when it's due and I don't want it due now in a McDonald's." He said.

Yes, the band and I were in the U.S.A. It's fun. My home.
"Its probably due any time now." I said rubbing it. Then a girl came up to Harry. She sort of looked like she wanted to kill me. Probably because Harry and I are 18 and she knows we had sex, therefor Dani came along.
"Can I have your autograph!?" She asked still throwing death glares at me. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICES THIS???

I woke up to a pain in my stomach and then something happened. I got really nervous and excited. My water burst. I woke up Harry and he shot up.
"Harry my water burst." His jaw dropped.
"COME ON IDIOT! I'M GOING INTO LABOR!" I said. He jumped up and picked me up running down the steps trying to calm me. He put me in the car and buckled my seat belt and we headed off the the hospital.
"Harry hurry!" I said.
"I'm going as fast as I can." He parked and picked me up running in the hospital.
"SHE'S IN LABOR! DO SOMETHING!" He panicked. The nurse then did something. I have no clue I was in pain. I could practically feel the baby coming out. Then everything went black.

I woke up and my vision was blurry. It hurt in the wrong place. It hurt everywhere. My body was aching. I did see Harry though. His hair. Then I looked down to see my little girl. Dani. She's mine. Then the doctor came in.

"Mrs. Crome. I need to tell you some... news?" I looked up.
"Yes doctor?" I asked.
"The baby has.... a very low chance of living."
Just then my whole world came crashing down.
Ohhhhh! Poor Olivia and Harry. No. POOR DANI! Anyway here is Dani: : Okay then tell me what you think.

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