About me (re-post


Chapter 1


Area- Town

Birthday- January 15th

Age(when this was made)- 14

Nickname- Don't have one

Location- My house

Height- Idk

Weight- Idk

Hair Color- Brownish blonde

Eye Color- Blue

Ethinity- English, part Italian, part south African I think

Favorite Colors- Red and black

Least Favorite Colors- None

Favorite Foods- Ice cream and pizza

Least Favorite Foods- Peas urgh

I can speak- English.

Favorite TV shows- Skins UK version.

Favorite TV/Book Genres- Fantasy

Favorite Music Genres- Rock, alternative, punk, power ballads, dub-step

Singers/Bands- Paramore, Blink 182, MCR. And so many others.

Favorite Songs (with lyrics)- Wonderwall- Oasis

Siblings- 2 big bro's and 1half sis.


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