Civilization lost

"It's the year 2022 and smart phones and social media have changed the future in unexpected ways...."

Chapter 1

Love remains

by: Trose777
I wake up as usual only to see the dark, damp room that I have called home. It's the year 2022, and I am one of the last remaining 25 humans on earth. My husband, Derek, is asleep on the floor next to me. I rub my belly, the baby is moving around in its own little world. It's probably better in there as it is out here. There's a knock on the door and a voice calls my husband's name. Derek begins to stir and he finally begins to open his eyes. "Hey honey. How are you feeling?" I smile and kiss him.
"I'm fine, but the general is at the door." Derek rolls his eyes as he raises himself off the cold floor. He opens the rusty door to find the old general smoking what is left of our tobacco supply. "Derek, we've got a situation. Get ready to head up." The general nods at me and walks away. Even though the General seems calm, I know that grimace on Derek's face; this isn't just a casual surface patrol. Derek kisses me on the forehead, "I love you very much." He pats my belly, "Bye squirt, see you later when daddy comes home." I start to tear up as Derek kisses me passionately before he grabs his gun and runs out the door.
The army leaders told the woman and children to stay in their quarters. I'm rocking back and forth on the floor, cradling myself as the roof shakes and dust crumbles down onto the floor. Please God, if you can hear me, please keep him safe. Another earth-shattering boom. Then, a scream.
I'm face to face with an android. Some sort of computer robot, must be one of the computer's generals. It's dead, and Derek is laying on top of it. I regain my senses and run to him, shaking him desperately. "Derek, Derek! Please God, no no no!" I fall to the floor crying and shaking, when I hear a cough. I look up with tears creating paths on my dirt-caked face to find Derek moving a bit. "Rose....." I run up and kiss him over and over again,
"Don't scare me like that, please never leave me." Derek grabs my arm,
"Rose, they're all dead. The rebels, the woman down here, even the children. We are all that's left." I stare at him with disbelief, it can't be true, but the tears in Derek's eyes tell me otherwise. If only we could be back to the good days, those days when the earth was green and people talked to each other; but the stupidity of the generation before us created these monsters. Now Derek, the baby and I are the only humans left.

If you like this, comment and tell me if you would like for me to continue the story :) I think this is way better than my last one, so enjoy!


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