Born to Die (A Clato Love Story)

Yay aanother one

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Clove's P.O.V

"Clove, get down here!" I hear my mom yell.

I put a simple white shirt on and some blue jeans. I brush put my hair up in a ponytail, brush my teeth, and run downstairs.

"Yes mom?" I ask her, annoyed.

"I'm going to work, breakfast is on the table. Eat up, schools in a half hour." Mom says, walking out of the door.

I walk over to the counter, grabbing the toast. After I'm done, I run to school as fast as I can. Half way there, I check my watch. 5 minutes left! Running through the school doors, I rush my way to my first class, history. I take my seat quickly, taking my pencil and book from my backpack.

I look around me. I stopped looking when I saw a familiar face. Cato! He got back from Training! He winks at me, then takes his phone out and texts under his desk.

I open my phone, feeling the vibration which ment that Cato had texted me.

Hey, guess what?


Out of all the boys in Training, I was chosen to volunteer!


Yeah! Isn't it great?!



Because then I'm gunna have to volunteer. I'm just kidding, silly. That's sweet.


I shut my phone and put it in my backpack.


I hear a knocking on my door.

"Who is it?" I say.

"Just you're favorite volunteer." Cato walks in, smiling. "Hey Clover."

"Hi, what's up?" I say, hugging him.

"The sky." He says, backing away.

"No really, what's up?"

"Well.... the Reapings tommorow and..."

"And what??"

He sits me back down, him sitting down on the couch next to me. I wonder what's going on. It has to be something bad, or else he would still have that silly grin on his face.

"You can't volunteer."

"What? Why?" I ask, confused.

"I don't want to lose you... If you enter, we'll have have to kill eachother."

I look down, angry. He was right, of course. I just point my hand at the door, frowning.

He walks out of the door, slamming it behind him.

I ran upstairs to my room, dolphin diving onto my bed. Burrowing my face into my pillow, screaming.


I checked the time. It was midnight! I got to go to bed, the Reaping was tommorow, and I had to be ready.

Sorry the ending was kinda short lol :3


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