Champions of Norrath [A One Direction Fanfiction]

Champions of Norrath [A One Direction Fanfiction]

Another one. XD

Chapter 1

Champions of Norrath

"The wind was Blowin'
"Through the Widow's hair
"And towards the window
"Through the window was a cemetery
"Where her hopes and dreams lay
"Her one year old son,
"Lay in the dirt,
"One head stone away
"From his father"

Champion Avery sang the end slowly, tears sliding down her face. Her band, The Champions, wrote darker songs than most. Champion lost her father at a young age because he died of brain cancer. Hanna lost her son when he was one. Amelia, age of 23, lost her husband when he died when he was in the army. And Annie, who was only 15, was diagnosed with cancer. They all had experienced what life was like after someone died in their family, besides their innocent Annie.

"Champ, come on. Lets go pick up Tyler." Amelia's voice rang out over the ending of Annie's violin solo. Annie's somber expression immediately lit up at the mention of her red headed boyfriend.

"Could you pick up some Wendy's?" Hanna chirped in, sliding her fingers across the strings of her bass guitar.

"Dude, you're always hungry." Champion shook her head at Hanna. Hanna grinned at the older girl and played a few strings.

"You know I'm a growin' girl, CC. Don't tease me with sad songs and then expect me not to eat." Champion rolled her eyes and, pulling her raven hair into a ponytail, left to go meet Annie's boyfriend, supposedly at Wendy's, with Amelia.

So.. Short chap. Sorry about that. xD Um, I do hope you guys like this....And no hate please about the One Direction thing....So..Love you guys! :D


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