Pregnant........ at 15

I just don't know.... how did this happen? Why did he leave me? Well... I guess everything happens for a reason. I'll find out eventually.

Chapter 1

Character Info

Name: Vanessa Adams

Age: 15

Looks: Brown hair that goes to her waist. Green eyes. Slim.

Family: None, really. Her parents left her at a young age. She had no other family.

Bio: Hi guys! Name's Vanessa. I have a lovely boyfriend named Ryan. He's so sweet! Although he gets drunk quite often and he does drugs. I still love him! We'll, were going to a party tonight. Bye!

Name: Ryan Jameson

Age: 16

Looks: Shaggy blond hair, blue eyes. Tall, average weight.

Family: Mother, father, younger sister

Bio: Hey, what's up? The name's Ryan. I got 3 girlfriends. Yes, three. You think me an (a)sshole for this, but I don't care. Their names are: Abby, Vanessa, and Angelica. I'm going to a party with Vanessa. Got to go.

Name: Rachel Smith

Age: 15

Looks: Blonde hair that gors to her chest, emerald green eyes. Slim.

Family: Mother and father. Vanessa is like a sister to her.

Bio: Hiya! How ya doing? I'm Rachel! I am Vanessa's best friend. You hurt her, you've got h(e)ll coming. I am usually a really nice person, if you're on my good side. Which most people are, so don't worry. I got to make dinner now. Bye, stay awesome!!

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