Poems describing my personality


This IS a group story. If you would like to write, comment or message me and I will let you. Thanks!

Chapter 1

Author's Poem

Note: I DID not rite this first poem... I just liked it.

I am a poet writing of my pain.
I am a person living a life of shame.
I am your daughter hiding depression.
I am your sister making a good impression.

I am your friend, acting like I'm fine
I am a wisher wishing this life weren't mine.
I am a girl who thinks of suicide
I am a teenager, pushing her tears aside.

I am a student who doesn't have a clue.
I am the girl sitting next to you.
I am the one asking you to care.
I am your best friend hoping you'll be there.

As I said, I didn't write this. But it does describe me 100%. Let me know if you want to write.

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