73rd Hunger Games ~FanFic Time!~

Hope you enjoy this Hunger Games Fanfic! Im using District 7 btw :)

(First chapter is Johanna's Point of view, second is Bailey, then Johannah then Bailey, so yea it alternates)

Chapter 1

I can't believe it.
Im Johannah Mason, Victor of the 69th Hunger Games, now a mentor for 2 District 7 tributes (WE PRODUCE LUMBER) who can't swing an ax! This is ridiculous! I'm watching from a special area for the mentors, and both my tributes, Bailey Koren and Damion Mite, are at the axes area and can't throw an ax decently. Now they are going to the bow and arrow section, Damion misses every shot. Baileys OK, But bow and arrows don't shoot your way out of the hunger games.
Now they're at survival skills. Yeah, starting a fire is gonna be a one-way ticket to death. I still can't believe they have it. Its completely useless, because the arena isn't really cold. All mentors get to know the arena, if they don't tell their tributes. That's why Finnick and Haymitch are clueless about the arena.
I zone my attention back to Bailey. She and Damion have split up, Bailey at sword fighting and Damion at edible insects. Bailey's weapon isn't a sword, that's for sure. I bet she could do some pretty decent knife throwing, but she acts as if the station doesn't exist! I keep shouting at her, "GO TO THE FREAKING KNIFE STATION! ITS RIGHT THERE!" even though i know she can't hear me.
"Easy there Johanna" Finnick says.
"Shut up or get lost" I say annoyed.
"Fine" Finnick says and goes back over to Annie. Annie Creista, the victor of the 70th Hunger Games, who is now insane because her district partner was beheaded. I never feel, err, comfortable, talking to her.
"Hey, you, 7" A voice says. A Cashmere voice.
"Go away, Cashmere"
I turn around
"Why not?"
"Because I'm not gonna"
"Seriously Cashmere, this better be important." I say.
"That boy, Damion, is flirting with Glitter!"
"That's the stupidest name ever"
"How dare you say such a thing!" She shudders
"Oh come on you know its true" I say.
She tries to kick me but i catch her foot.
"Okay so why is Damion flirting with Glitter SO important?" I say
"He asked to join their pack"
"She Said yes"
I drop her foot, and i start building up with rage. I could KILL both Damion and Cashmere right now. "Those kids are dead" I say. "DEAD!"

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