Thank you Calloniel_Brandybuck for this idea

Main Characters (Sorry if the names are weird I just found them from random sites)
Enola 17 years old
Bellissa 18 years old
Xander 18 years old (Thanks for all your suggestions :)

Chapter 4

Chapter Four

by: Milavone
"May I please see my sister now? Please I really miss her."

I was practically on my knees begging them so that I could see Bellissa. I haven't been able to see her for two whole days.

"Sorry Miss but she is still in emergency care and I'm not allowed to let anyone in."

"Please Please Please Please!!!"

I was about to start crying again.

"You could see her tomorrow. Now please go back to your room."

Since my mother was gone and my father was nowhere to be seen I have been temporarily staying at the hospital.

"You promise that I could see her tomorrow."

"I promise now please go get some rest."

I walked slowly to my room deep in thought. I wondered where my father was and what was he doing. I worried about Bellissa the doctors said that she would be fine but I still haven't seen her so I'm still very very worried. And when we got out of here what were me and Bellissa going to do. We were both still in school and even though we both have jobs we can't pay for all the water, electricity, and all the other bills. I was so deep in thought that I bumped into someone.

"Oh. I so sorry."

"It's okay."

When got up I thought he seemed a bit familiar. Then I realized who it was.


"Enola? What are you doing here?"

"It's a long story....."

I explained to him what happened that horrible day and how they wouldn't let me see my sister for the past few days.

"I'm so sorry to hear that Enola it must be terrible."

I was about to ask why he was here when he suddenly hugged me. I was shocked because no one except Bellissa ever hugged me.

"Your probably wondering why I'm here."

"Yeah I was about to ask you that. So why are you here?"

"I volunteer here every once and awhile. It's not that bad helping the patients get around this huge place."

A little boy suddenly came up to us.

"Mister could you help me find my mommy?"

"Sure I will. Bye Enola hope everything gets better."

Before he went off he hugged me again. Once he was gone I went straight to my room. For some reason I was feeling much better and for the first time this during this horrible event I smiled.

To be continued......

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