Thank you Calloniel_Brandybuck for this idea

Main Characters (Sorry if the names are weird I just found them from random sites)
Enola 17 years old
Bellissa 18 years old
Xander 18 years old (Thanks for all your suggestions :)

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

by: Milavone
Hey I finally have some ideas so for some of those impatient ones. Here's a new Chapter. Hope you like it.


She looked upon this horrid sight

Fighting tears with all her might

Wishing they would come alive

Or that they had survived

Hopefully they see the light

"Bellissa what's wrong?! What happe......"

I finally came into the house with my sister laying on the ground. Everything was destroyed.

"Bellissa are you okay?!!! Please say something!!!!!"

In response she gave a weak moan. At least she was still conscious but barely. Where were our parents? I heard the door slam at the back door but I didn't go Bellissa was hurt.

"Mom! Dad!"

No response came.

"Mom!!! Dad!!!"

Still nothing. Against my better judgment I went to investigate. I headed upstairs to my parent's bedroom. I slowly opened the room and screamed. My mom was laying on the floor with blood around her.

"Mom! Please get up!

She didn't make a sound but I saw her breathe just a little. I ran to the kitchen and called 911. It was agonizing to wait to see if my mother or sister was okay. The police were still looking for my dad.There was no trace of him at the house. My heart still beats faster and faster waiting for the outcome of this horrible event.


"Yes! Is my sister okay?! Please tell me she's okay!"

"She's fine but might have to stay here for awhile"

Okay Bellissa is fine that means my mother alright too. Right??

"But your mother.... she...."

I held up my hand for him to pause. I can see it in his eyes. My mother did not make it. I knew she never loved me as much as Bellissa. Maybe she even hated me more than anything in this world. But she was still my mother and even after all that I still loved her. I learned that myself to love your family unconditionally even if you hate them or they hate you. That night me and Bellissa stayed at the hospital. And also that very night I cried myself to sleep....

To be continued.......

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