Thank you Calloniel_Brandybuck for this idea

Main Characters (Sorry if the names are weird I just found them from random sites)
Enola 17 years old
Bellissa 18 years old
Xander 18 years old (Thanks for all your suggestions :)

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

by: Milavone

That was the bell for the end of third period. School isn't even halfway done yet and I feel depressed.

"Hey Enola."

That was Xander my sister's new crush.(Yeah Bellissa let's her heart out to many guys.....) Unlike her I really don't see what's so cute or whatever about him.

"Hi Xander"

"I was wondering if you and your sister would like to come to my party this weekend?"

"I don't know maybe..."

"We would love to come!!!"

Where did Bellissa come from?

"Ok see you two there."

And with that he walked away.

"Come on Enola after school were going to the mall"

"What for?"

"To get new outfits for the party! Duh!"

Looks like I will be going... (Sigh) Though it would be polite to go I really don't want to.... After school me and Bellissa went straight to the mall. (Another thing besides school I hate is shopping)

"How about this one. Wait no that's too big. No wait how about this one. No that's too dark. Oooo How about..."

She goes on and on and on. Don't get me wrong I love my sister but sometimes you know... She can get a bit annoying and girly. In the end She ended up with this pink party dress and I got a simple gray one. We were walking up the driveway when we noticed that the door was open.

"That's weird. Did someone forget to lock the door?"

Bellissa went up to the door and walked in. And from the inside I heard a terrible scream.


To be continued......

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