My Omegle Chats :3

I get bored and I'm on Omegle A LOT so I will post my chats and there will probably be a lot, mostly centered around music!!!!

Chapter 2

Bond Over Music

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like We Are The In Crowd, Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, and The Maine.

Hey :)

Stranger: Hi c:

You: You have fantastic taste in music :3

Stranger: So do you omg xD

You: Oh my gosh thanks :) haha

Stranger: Ah who's your favourite band?

You: From the ones we have in common ATL, but I love Falling In Reverse too :D

Stranger: Ooh I love FIR ;D

You: Yes, Ronnie and Jacky and well.... all of them are pretty d-mn great c:

Stranger: Yeah c: My favourite band has to be Of Mice & Men :')

You: I don't think I've ever actually listened to them, but I've been meaning to... I'm pretty amazing at procrastinating :3

Stranger: Haha, isn't everyone?;D

You: Everyone I know anyway :)

Stranger: Yeah, :') You should really listen to OM&M they're fab. Well, if you like screamo that is.

You: Well I like Asking Alexandria so I should be okay haha

Stranger: Yeah, they're like best band friends ;D

You: Yeah I think I've heard that. :)

Stranger: Aw I'm seeing Asking Alexandria in like 4 months :3

You: Oh my gosh I am so jealous! They came to where I lived but I couldn't go. They came here on July 18th

Stranger: They're doing 4 shows in England in January so I can go yay.:) Where do you live?

You: USA :3

Stranger: Ah, did you go to Warped?

You: I wish. I wanted to go. I did watch part of the live stream. I turned it on just as All Time Low started and I was like "YES!"

Stranger: I wish I could go :( I love All Time Low live, they're so amazing c:

You: I wish I could too. We The Kings played too, but before All Time Low... I was kinda okay with missing them, because I only like 2 songs by them

Stranger: I love WTK but I didn't get to see them when they came to England :(

You: I like Check Yes Juliet and Say You Like Me.... That song actually kinda describes me a little bit...

Stranger: Hahahaha xD They came here with Simple Plan and I was like crying because I wanted to go

You: I like two songs by Simple Plan too! haha I like Loser Of The Year and Welcome To My Life c:

Stranger: I really like This Song Saved My Life, it has wonderful lyrics :)

You: I don't think I've ever heard that one...

Stranger: You should listen to it c: Have you seen any bands live?

You: Nope... sadly. I want to, though.

Stranger: :( Aw

You: I know... I would like die if I went to Warped. I mean this year they had ATL, PTV, FIR, Motionless In White, Tonight Alive, Sleeping With Sirens, etc.

Stranger: Sigh Sleeping With Sirens have never toured England :c

You: Aw :( Do you like Motionless In White? I think they are going to Europe soon...

Stranger: They're alright.. Only heard them on the radio a couple of times haha

You: They've been on the radio?!

Stranger: Yeah, they're on Kerrang! radio sometimes

You: I have never heard them on the radio :( I just listen to my MP3

You: When i do I listen to a local one, but they only play pop and stuff like that

Stranger: I don't really have an opinion on them seeing as I've heard them like twice :') Aw there's a good radio station here that has a tv station and a magazine and it's great

You: Last time I chatted with someone on Omegle it was a fan girl who called me an idiot for not hearing For Baltimore... -_- That song came out yesterday!

Stranger: Haha, what the hell! Most All Time Low fans annoy me omg.

You: Yep, total fan girls. I listened to that song after that though and it's really good :D

Stranger: Yeah, though I feel like it's missing something.. Idk

You: Same. I really liked the chorus though

Stranger: Me too c: My favourite All Time Low period is the Put Up Or Shut Up one I just love Alex's voice :')

You: I know!!! Oh my freaking gosh. My favorite song is Coffee Shop Soundtrack and my 2nd favorite is Jasey Rae, both from Put Up Or Shut Up! :3

Stranger: Coffee Shop Soundtrack is my favourite omg when they played it live Jack pointed at me and licked his lip oh jesus

You: Haha that just sounds like Jack. Have you seen the video where Alex reads a complaint letter from a parent?

Stranger: No omg I must watch this video!

You: Yeah it's freaking hilarious!

Stranger: Aw, when I saw them the first time Alex played Therapy and he did one of the Therapy speeches :3

You: Aw. I also saw this one video and it had been a while since he played Therapy and he couldn't exactly remember and someone started laughing in the audience he's like, "Hey, fvck you." haha

Stranger: I've seen that one he's so adorable sigh.

You: You should look for that other video on Youtube. I think it's called Alex Reads Complaint Letter or something along those lines.

Stranger: I'll look for it later :) I'm surprised I haven't seen it, when i used to be obsessed with All Time Low I watched nearly all of their videos

You: Same for me. I have these tiny little obsession with a bunch of the bands I like when I start listening to them where I ONLY want to listen to their songs

Stranger: I'm in that stage with Pierce The Veil right now :D

You: Yes I just went through one with Pierce The Veil

You: My favorite song by them is Kissing In Cars :)

Stranger: Awesome:) I think I'm coming out of the PTV stage now and going into a Canterbury one..

You: I've never heard them. I think I'm in a mini obsession with Tonight Alive's music at the moment

Stranger: I love Tonight Alive c: Canterbury are an underrated English band haha

You: Oh. Tonight Alive are great. Do you listen to the Midnight Beast?

Stranger: Yes! :')

You: haha My friend showed me their parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha and I loved it :D

Stranger: Their TV show is just hilarious!

You: Yeah we watched a bit of it on Youtube when I spent the night at her house

Stranger: Their songs have funny lyrics, I enjoy listening to them xD

You: I should listen to some of their originals then. If they have funny lyrics that reminds me of The Bloodhound Gang haha

Stranger: Check out their song Begging it's hilarious ;D

You: Cool I will :)

Stranger: They're not the best band but they make me laugh :)

You: Yeah. Definitely not the best, but they've got humor

Stranger: Definitely :) I'm seeing them in just over a month as well :)

You: Dang it! I want to go to a concert, but I can't. I'm waiting for a really good band to come to The Diamond Ballroom. It's a concert venue close to where I live and the prices are really cheap :3

Stranger: I go to loads of concerts.. it's basically my life ;D

You: Well, this place... I don't like ETF, but I'm using them for an example.... The price for Escape The Fate tickets was $17 each. The highest price I saw was $30, but that was for Marilyn Manson

Stranger: Hm, yeah the tickets anywhere in London are pretty cheap. The most I'm paying is £27 to see You Me At Six c:

You: Yeah we obviously don't have Euros haha I haven't really heard You Me At Six... except on IHeartRadio, where you make your own radio stations :3

Stranger: Ooh :) ymas are awesome haha. They're doing a show where they're filming a dvd and I'm going c:

You: Cool :)

Stranger: I'm so excited!

You: I bet... I really want to go to a concert now. My friend went to an A7X concert

Stranger: They're alright.. Never really listened

You: I love them.

Stranger: I'll give them a try xD

You: You should. :) I just hate it when people who don't like them make fun of their drummer's death. It's really disrespectful.

Stranger: I will later:) Aw that's horrible.. :c hey I have to leave now :(

You: K bye :)

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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