Chapter 1


by: Satanist
She stared into the mirror, fear darkening her brown eyes. She bit her lip and took a deep breath before looking down at the scale. Her heart plummeted. She still hadnt lost any weight. in fact, she had gained 5lbs. She stepped of the scale quietly and turned away from the full length mirror infront of her. She did not need to see her naked disgusting body. She felt along her ribs under her breasts. Still no ribs. She sighed heavily and got dressed in silence, forcing her eyes to keep glued to the floor. she had to resist the urge to look up and inspect herself in the mirror. She pulled her hoodie on, and stood infront of the sink. quietly, she hummed and began to cover her face in a mask of makeup. She stared at her face, and wished that she could be just a little lighter.....just a little that she could be pretty. but it wouldnt happen today, because she was going to her aunts house for dinner. And she couldnt skip out on it.....the only option was not to eat until them. Limit the calorie intake. She left the room in a dark cloud, and plopped herself infront of the TV for her hour of TV guided exercise......
She weighed 175lbs at 16.
She spent an hour putting makeup on herself.
she ignored her hunger.
she wore clothes that were too big to make herself feel smaller.

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