Confessions (Written by Eden Undernell)

Hello everyone! I'm Eden Undernell, Hobbit from the Shire. Calloniel's friend Ardhoniel had a great idea to have me tell you thirty random facts about me.
{Note from C--Eden Undernell is a made up character in the group story me and Ardhoniel wrote called Love Stronger Than Iron (A LOTR Love Story) and in the sequel called Blue and Hot yet Grey and Cold (Sequel to Love Stronger Than Iron). She is my character in those stories and Melody, Eden's twin, is Ardhoniel's. Please read those stories.}

Chapter 1

30 Random Facts About Eden Halle Undernell

1. My middle name in Elvish is Thalionwen (or Calloniel, like my friend's name, I have two Elvish names for reasons I do not know)

2. I love to sing, but will never sing in front of people, if I can help it.

3. My favorite food happens to be mushrooms.

4. I live in Hobbiton with my twin sister, near a forest.

5. I am the older twin.

6. I do not like dresses. I will only wear them if it is one of my close friends who ask...

7. My favorite color is silver. I like it because it is close to my eye color, which is grey.

8. Melody and I are fraternal twins so you can tell us apart easily.

9. My best friend in the whole world is Frodo Baggins, whom my sister has a large crush on. Frodo was there for me and Melody when we were all alone. I would trust him with my life.

10. I have only just begun crushing on Merry Brandybuck.

11. My favorite place in Middle Earth is Rivendell.

12. I can be very overprotective at lots of times, mostly towards my sister. This is because I don't wanna lose her.

13. I am very insecure and unsure of myself. I don't believe that I can do most things, or that I am pretty.

14. I love to pull pranks with Pippin and Merry, although I make sure I don't get caught whenever I do.

15. I do not drink beer or smoke pipeweed. I do not like it. The only reason I got to bars or pubs is to hang out with my friends.

16. What I want more than anything is to have a nice peaceful life in the Shire, not one full of bad memories.

17. I am scared of fire, and death.

18. If someone threatens my family or friends, I will kill them. I will show no mercy.

19. I read a lot and found a bunch of books on Elves. I know a little Elvish, because of this.

20. My favorite flower is one from Lothlorien, called elanor. It is beautiful.

21. I like walking through the forest in the Shire at night, by myself. it is so peaceful then and the stars shine brighter than anything, in my opinion.

22. If I could pick one person in Middle Earth to come with me on a deserted island, I would choose Melody. She is my twin sister and I love her more than anyone, including Merry and Frodo.

23. My favorite Elvish phrase (that I know) is hebo estel. That means "have hope" and in LSTI & BAHYGAC, my sister and I need lots of hope.

24. I hate Orcs. I have a bad experience with them later on in the first story about me and from that point on, I hate them more than anything. Plus, they are ugly, smell like crud, and will kill each other for food if they are famished.

25. My favorite species has to be either Hobbits (obviously) or Ents. Ents are nice (well, they were nice to me) in my opinion and they are great allies in battle. Hobbits are peaceful though and easily lovable.

26. My lucky number is 16, because while it was a scary year, it was also the year where something incredible happened in my life. And no, I won't spoil the story and tell you what it is.

27. I love horses and have always wanted one.

28. I am quite until you befriend me and talk to me for a long time. Then I will open up.

29. In my dreams, I dream of losing Merry, Melody, or Frodo. That is my worst nightmare and if it ever came true... If I ever did lose one or all of them... I would probably be torn apart and maybe kill myself.

30. I can use a sword and will use it against anything evil (Orcs, Sauron, etc.)

{Calloniel-- Thanks for reading this. This is what Eden would say if she was a real person. Read Love Stronger Than Iron & Blue and Hot yet Grey and Cold if you want to read about Eden and Melody's adventures. Ardhoniel is Melody's writer and I am Eden's. Remember that. Navaer for now, mellons!}


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