Guess whos birthday it is???

No, its not my birthday... Just read below

Chapter 1

Dylan O'Brians 21st Birthday is Today!

So Dylan O'Brian is this insanly awesome actor who plays Stiles on Teen Wolf. He is by far my favorite actor and character, and today is Dylans 21st birthday. I will now sing happy birthday to him:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Dylan,
Happy birthday to you!

I will now go insane:
okaerhjgpwoirnv[oi1j2 40v96 10,jocj v-0`-sprujyb30i ujpr jnbu3oiemhdtg jw ehuowrynm9f8g2u04pwdwp9ugthokwpoekjihkekkjkjgklsjnkglwkljnroi3n4oihc om0jcgmpsamfcobhn

As a tribute to him, i've decided to post some awesome Stiles quotes and one-liners:

Scott: A dead body?
Stiles: No, a body of water. Yesdumbass, a dead body!

Stiles(asking Scott): Am I attractive to gay guys?

Danny: You're a horrible person.
Stiles: I know. It keeps me awake at night.

Jackson: Into... what, a werewolf?
Stiles: No, a unicorn... dumba ss.

Stiles: You're killing people... to death!

Matt: What do you turn into?
Stiles: Abominable snowman. But it's more of a "wintertime" thing. You know, seasonal

Stiles: Thats it!
Stiles dad: What?
Stiles: Matt's head. I sit behind him in history. He's got a very distinct cranium.

Stiles: Ate it.
Scott: Raw?
Stiles: No, you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven.

Stiles: If you think getting rid of contractions in all your sentences makes your argument any more legitimint, You Are wrong.

Stiles: That depends on how you define lying.
Stiles dad: How do you define it?
Stiles: Reclining your body in a horizontal position?

Stiles: You guys just came out of nowhere.
Scotts mom: Came out of nowhere? We were parked on the side of the road, Stiles.
Stiles: How crazy is that? ... I think Im feeling a little whiplash.
Scotts mom: Whiplash?! You hit us!
Stiles: I dont know, theres something wrong with me.

Stiles: Huggie... huggie huggie.

Danny: Whos he again?
Stiles: My cousin... Miguel...
Danny: Is that blood on his shirt?
Stiles: Yeah, yes, well, he gets these horrible nosebleeds. Hey, Miguel, I thought I told you you could borrow one of my shirts.
gets up to try on shirt
"Miguel": Stiles, this no fit.
Stiles: Then try something else on... Hey, that one looks pretty good on! What do you think Danny?
Danny: Its... its not really his color.
"Miguel"(now shirtless): Stiles! None of these fit!
Danny: Ill need the ISP, the phone number, and the exact time of the text.

I could go on for a while but those are some of my favorite! Happy Birthday Dylan!

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