Yup; it's story time, guys.

(If any of you found the reference from HomeBore, let me give you all my love)

Chapter 1



- Do the Windy Thing, Homestuck Fan Music -

Here I am, sitting on the shore of a beach, bleeding. The wind was insanely wild, and I sat on nothing but sand, rock, and water.

My fingers ran through the sand until I hit the occasional sharp glass or rock. Eventually I recognized the stinging on my fingers and washed them in the salty water. I'd get up from my spot beneath the palm tree, wash my hands off, grimace, and sit down back down beneath the palm tree.

"Dinner is ready, Anna."

The electronic voice of our house's server had buzzed across my room. I got up and opened the cabinet next to my door. It was metallic and dark but up came a flying plastic container. I caught it and settled down by my television. My favorite show, HomeBore, finished the last season's pilot, and now the season finale for my second favorite show, OlliMore, was about to start.

"Tell mom I said thanks, and thank you for the message, Clare." I said, pressing the button on the speaker of my wall.

"My pleasure, Anna."

I nodded to myself and sat down in front of my holographic television, eating my food with my bare hands like a savage and watching my show, OlliMore, intensely. As soon as the show ended, and they were going to give out sneak peaks for next week's episode, suddenly everything got interrupted by a news being broadcasted about a foreign nation bombing one of the camping sites for our soldiers. I groaned in annoyance. Once again with the stupid war. I picked up my plastic tray and sent it down the metallic chute from my room.

"Anna, your mother responded with the following phrase, You're welcome, Annie dear. Come down soon, I need to talk to you about your father. That is all, Anna."

I bit the inside of my mouth softly. She probably wanted to talk to me about the war. My father always went to the wars, and every time this happened it's normally something about him being safe and we'd have to keep hoping he stays safe. I left my room to the automatic washroom, across the hall from me. Inside the room was pure white, and had everything you needed from a washroom. I set my hands in the sink. It filled automatically with water and once again, Clare came into the intercom.

"Anna, what type of soap would you like?" She asked.

"Let's go with peppermint tonight, Clare. Thank you." The thick green liquid interfered with the clear water and the automatic turners spun around until everything was just bubbles. Everything drained out, and a fresh set of water flushed in, quickly cleaning off any soap and or scum left. I looked over to the hand dryer and set my hands in there for a brief minute or two before heading to the lift.

I pressed the button for living room, and entered the lift. I loved the lift more than anything. There was a chair, and for the walls, instead of plain drab glass like any other regular building like school, there were no walls at all, and you could speak to any one in the living room while inside the lift.

"Moooooooother, you called?" I said, as the lift slid down to the living room. I was used to seeing her wearing her apron. I was used to seeing her wearing dull bright clothing. I was used to seeing her carry around her spatula. I was used to seeing her bright perky face versus her annoyed stern face. This time, I didn't see any of that.

In front of me wasn't my bright and perky mother who was a-okay with anything. There was a broken woman crying on our couch, wearing dark gray clothing, her eyes pressing against her hands. I jumped out of the lift and walked directly towards her.

"What is it, mom?" I asked, a bit concerned and confused. I approached her slowly, and cautiously.

"You're father, he died in the bombing." She croaked, and looked up at me. Her eyes were puffy, her face was as bright red as a tomato, and her thin fragile lips were shaking. I sat down next to her and gave her a hug.

"I'm sure he died knowing we love him." I said awkwardly, patting her back. She sighed and continued to cry.

I was never close with my dad, I just remember him always being there, in the background, paying for things, watching over us, always coming late from work.

"How are we going to survive now, Anna?" She asked, crying even more.

That's when it hit me. No more HomeBore? No more OlliMore? No more internet? I sat there, holding my head with my hands. But, HomeBore had one last season left, Jack, Janice, Rosie, and Rick were finally inside Loom, and the extra terrestrials were about to get ready to meet the humans, don't forget Liege Francais' identity was about to be revealed. And in OlliMore, Shay admitted her newfound love for Chester! After a year and a half of trying to get over Mark, going through so many guys, she realizes she's in love with Chester the whole time, throwing the entire fan base into an abyss of team Shark vs team Chess. I gasped and fell off the couch and onto the floor, rolling around.

"Anna... Stop rolling around." Mom said, in a soft tone. She knew when I started to over complicate things in my mind when it was actually something extremely stupid, I'd start rolling around on the floor. I eventually stopped and came to the conclusion that Liege Francais was a myth from the creator of HomeBore and that Chester and Mark get into an epic fight to win over Shay, in which Chester wins because team Shark is really weak against team Chess.

"Hey, mom?" I asked, groaning from hitting my head against the table. Instead of seeing my mom shaking her head at me, I saw a different woman, sitting next to my mom, who was passed out on the couch.

"Whoa, who are you? What happened to mom?" I asked, sitting up immediately.

"I'm Clare, I've been the intercom, the control, the sole, and the server of your home." She said, with her metallic voice. I peered at her.

"Good, because we need help, and Clare you've always been a good help for us,---" But she interrupted me.

"Oh Anna, I'm sure you don't know this yet, but your parents haven't payed the services in 5 months, and every service payment is due every month. We let it slide, since your father was serving for our country. But he's gone now, and we're going to take your house, and sell it all. You and your mother will be taken to get culled."

I sighed casually. I've already had at least five friends get culled this year alone, and it was already the 6th month of the year. I never understood the process, but I did know they'd tell you anything you wanted to know before offing with you.

"Come now, Anna." Suddenly, two large men came in and lightly carried my mom until we reached the sleek black van. They set her in the back, and I sat on a sleek leather couch, facing Clare.

"So tell me about your interests, Anna." Clare said, in a soothing voice.

"Well, I like watching tv, looking through the internet, and I guess my best friends, but they've been culled. You know, a lot of us has been culled recently, I have no idea why, but I guess I'm next, giving my friends ANOTHER week to mourn. Oh, I like writing fan fiction for HomeBore and OlliMore, but I like OlliMore fan fiction better. HomeBore fanfic gets pretty extra-terrestrially creepy, with alien x human ships. OlliMore makes sense, plus, who wouldn't want to be Shay?"

I kept rambling on and on, forgetting I was about to get killed.

"Anna?" Clare asks me.

"Yes?" I asked, oblivious to the syringe in her hand.

"Would you like to know anything?" She asks. That's when I realized. It's time.

"Yeah, how OlliMore ends, and same with HomeBore." I asked, scooting away from her a little. She noticed this, and sat next to me, putting her arm around me. I went the metal needle press itself gently to my back. I sat straight, avoiding the tip touch my skin.

"Sweetheart, you're so stubborn, it's kind of sad." With that, she struck my arm with the syringe. Don't close your eyes. Don't close your eyes. Don't close your eyes. Close your eyes. Please close your eyes. Don't you dare close your eyes. Don't close them. Don't. Please do. Close them.

I finally closed my eyes after the internal body war, knowing it's all over.

I woke up with my mother's face right in front of me, her thin, cold, fragile hands cupping my face.

"Oh finally, you woke up." She said, kissing my forehead.

"What... Where are we?" I asked, curiously. I looked around. The room was metallic and had marble floors and a big glass window that showed a metallic hallway. There were two beds attached to the metallic wall, and within the lines that separated the huge metallic wall into big squares, was a glowing white/blue light.

I sat up and held my knees against my chest and started speaking to my mom.

"What's going on, mom?" I asked, worriedly. She sighed and sat down on the edge of my bed.

"I'm not completely sure, but I can reassure you that we are---"

The glass window raised and Clare walked in.

"Good morning, happy 2022, we've set an appointment for you to be killed tomorrow morning."

Clare smiled robotically, and walked out, and the glass window shut tight.

"---not safe." Mom said in a huff. I sighed.

"Why aren't you scared?" I asked quietly.

"Stop crying." she said, wiping the tears away from my face with her thumbs.

"Why aren't you crying?" I asked a little louder.

"Stop crying, Anna." She said in a singsong voice, sitting next to me, hugging me against her.

"Why aren't you doing ANYTHING!?!?!" I screamed.

"Hush, Anna." She said with a smile that was sad and not joyous as it should be. My mother started crying.

"Mom what are we going to do..." I said closing my eyes as she held me closer. We huddled together in the freezing cold room.

"We can't do anything." She said. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes again to the strange sound the glass window made when it rose.

"Rise and shine, puppets. You're on." Clare commented, coming in.

I fell asleep on my mom, who stayed up all night. She looked extremely tired. I reached out and stepped onto the metallic pavement. The floor was freezing cold, I could barely stand it. My mother stepped out of our bed as well and rested the tips of her toes against the metal before standing up.

"Move along." Clare said, My mom gripped my wrist tightly and walked out the glass door with me. Clare followed us shortly.

"Keep walking down the hall." Clare mentioned, without a hesitant thought. My mom released her grip on my wrist and held my hand. I sighed and held hers back, squeezing a bit.

"Come on, hurry up, puppets." Clare smirked. She spat when she said 'puppets'.

We shuffled down the hallway until Clare screamed for us to stop and turn left. We did so and continue to shuffle a great amount until Clare screamed for us to turn left again. We started to walk at a moderate speed but Clare but hurrying us up until eventually we were skipping down the halls. She told us to turn left again and we found ourselves in the original hallway with our block.

"Why did we walk around in an entire square?" My mom said in spite to Clare, turning around and looking her square into the eyes.

"To keep the puppets well entertained before they have to go." Clare said grinning, and pinching my mom's cheek. My mom growled and slapped Clare across the face. It left a red mark but Clare ignored it and shoved us into our block again. It wasn't for an entire day that we saw Clare, except for the multiple times she passed the block with an ice bag to her face, spitting on our glass window.

"Okay, we're going to kill you now." Clare yelled, barging in. She had it with us. She grabbed my mom by her arm and threw her out the room. She grabbed me next and dragged me out, holding a tight grip on both of our wrists.

"Let me go!" I cried, tugging out of her pull. Nothing was working. Clare kept walking like nothing was happening. Finally we reached a room on the other end of the hallway. The door was mirrored. She kicked it violently. It wobbled, while raising itself upwards. My mother remained as calm as ever. We entered the room, to find other prisoners bounded up with chains, up against the wall. Some faces I could recognize, some I couldn't.

"These are the last ones, Chris." Clare said, throwing me and my mother to a brutal looking man. Chris stood tall, and looked down at us. Chris forced my mom to put her arms together, forced them upwards, and cuffed her against the wall. He did the same for me.

"Okay, left to right." Clare said, sitting down on a chair. Chris nodded casually and stood next to her.

"This is how it's going to work," Chris said. "We start left to right. Dying wish, or die with knowledge. If you scream, you automatically get culled, no nothing for it." He picked up an axe and walked up to a person all the way across the chamber from me. So that deciphered it, I was going to watch everyone die, then get killed myself.

"Dying wish." The woman said. She was cringing from the man with the axe already. He nodded at her, waiting for her to speak.

"Tell my wife I love her." She said with a sweet pleasant smile. Chris grunted and swung his axe. Another woman, farther away from the one who just died, bursted into tears.

"Die with knowledge." The next man choked out. Clare looked up, pretending to be the slightest bit interested.

"Why do you cull for the simplest of reasons you don't agree with, with no biased form of agreement to even do so?" He asked her. Clare smiled and gave a robotic answer.

"It's more easier to control the population, have you all fear us, and to avoid some stupid dramatic rebellion." Clare closed her eyes as soon as Chris cringed and got ready for the blow from the axe. His head barely hung to his neck. The thought of it all disgusted me.

The next was actually a boy I knew from school, his name was Mason, I think. Mason looked at me confusingly.

"Surprise seeing you here." I mouthed the words to him. He returned with a blank look.

"Dying wish." Mason said. "Set me free please." He hung his head down low, as if he was expecting Chris to chop his head clean off with the extremely sharpened axe. Chris just started at him cruelly. Mason look up to Chris, only to get hit straight through the head with the axe. Mason screamed, which only caused Chris to cut at Mason's throat. Blood squirted all across the metallic floor, and Mason's screams died out. Clare repositioning herself from a bored posture to an excited one caught my attention to look away from the dismembered friend of mine.

"See this is what happens when you scream!" Clare said, with real enthusiasm in her voice. I gaped at her.

A few people went by here and there. I didn't pay attention except for one response.

"Die with knowledge." It was an old man who could barely reach the cuffs. He had to stand on the tips of his toes so he wouldn't end up ripping his hands from his body.

"Yes, old man?" Clare said, looking up once again. She stopped feigning interested a while ago.

"Tell me, has anyone survived from this silly killing game of yours?" He said, chuckling to himself. She smiled in response.

"Of course they have. At least, we set them loose in the wild. Though, we choose specific ones, to make sure they know very well not to come back." Clare suddenly flashed a pearly white smile at him, then gave me a quick glance before closing her eyes to the old man's death.

Finally they reached the one I dreaded most. My mother.

"Dying wish." She said. I gulped. She looked into my eyes and smiled a sad smile. I wanted to burst into tears.

"Set her free, into the wild, whatever it does, Anna I love you more than anything, but keep going, and do not look back." She said, and closed her eyes as Chris axed her head off.

"WAIT MOM I LOVE YOU." I cried out, turning my head away quickly as possible from the attack of blood that splattered all over me. Her body was spewing blood and I couldn't bring myself to look at her dead body. As soon as he un-cuffed me, I sat against the wall, bawling.

"Get up, Anna." Clare said, walking over to me. I looked up to see her hand in front of my face. I took it and stood up. She had an arm around my neck and walked with me outside of the building.

"Look at that, your white gown is covered in blood." Clare said, as if it was something to be impressed about. I couldn't bring myself to look at her either.

"So tell me, do YOU have a dying wish?" Clare said, with a chuckle. I murmured something under my breath.

"Oh what was that?" She said, in a voice that was supposed to sound caring, but ended up sounding harsh.

"Please forget my existence so I can forget yours." I said with a sigh.

She chuckled and for once didn't mock me. We walked back to the black van. It was a short ride and there wasn't much to say.

"We're going to drop you off at one of the abandoned areas from civilization." She said casually.

"I studied history in school, which one of the, ummm, states if that's what it's called, am I going to?" I asked quietly.

"They called her Florida." Clare said, and left off with the tone that said I couldn't ask more questions.

As soon as we arrived, she opened the back doors. The sky was dark gray, it was thunder storming, the sand was white, the trees kept swaying back and forth, and the ocean was violently clashing up against the sand.

"Too much of a natural disaster to even be dealt with anymore, and so are you." Clare pushed me out of the van, and it drove away.

I landed face first into the sand. I stood up, brushing off most of it from my face, body and mouth. I took a good look around. At least, I tried to. The sky was dark and everything was too windy for me to comprehend. I found the nearest palm tree and sat down beneath it.

I sighed and let the tears and rain drench me in water. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I'd go looking for others, and live a new life.

I ran my fingers through the sand until something really sharp cut across my palm. I stood up and took a sharp intaking breath. As soon as the burn from the cut settled down, I sat back down and closed my eyes, leaning my head against the palm tree.

Here I am, sitting on the shore of a beach, bleeding. The wind was insanely wild, and I sat on nothing but sand, rock, and water.


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