Avengers One shots!

I was really bored and I thought, Hey! There aren't any Avengers one-shots! Let's fix that!

Chapter 1

Captain America

Betsy Coulson was not happy. In fact, she was quite pissed. After they captured the Loki guy that killed her father, the only other thing that managed to get done was her mother dying from cancer. She wiped a tear off of her cheek as the funeral ceremony for her father went on, Director Fury naming her father an "honorary defender of the country and all of the earth." She started to bawl her eyes out as she laid a white rose, her father's favorite flower, in his coffin as the undertakers closed it, taking it to be buried. Perfect time to bury it, she thought as it started to pour outside. She wiped the already smearing mascara off of her face as she started to go to her car parked outside of the church.
"Excuse me, Miss," a man's voice said behind her. She pulled her gun out of her purse and almost shot him.
"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, looking at the face of Captain America. She put her gun back in her purse and looked at him, the rain matting down her dark brown hair.
"It's alright," he said. "I was going to ask if you needed a ride home, but I see that you have one."
"Yeah. I'm Elizabeth Coulson. Or Betsy. My dad was Agent Coulson," she said, another tear welling up in her brown eyes.
"I'm Steve Rogers, ag-"
"As in Captain America? You were my dad's hero! I had heard a rumor that they found your body in ice! Dad was so happy," she ended with a frown.
"I apologize for you loss, Betsy."
"It wasn't your fault. It was this Loki guy's fault," she said, unlocking her car and starting to wring out her very damp hair. "Do you need a ride anywhere?" she asked, motioning into the car.
"Um, sure," he said, getting in the passenger seat of the car.
"Anywhere specific, Captain?" she asked as she started up the car.
"To S.H.I.E.L.D. please," he said politely.
"Of course," she said, putting the car in reverse. As soon as she got the car going, she asked Steve about the adventures that he and her father had at S.H.I.E.L.D.
"Haha, well here's your stop," she said, laughing.
"Thank you, Miss Coulson," he said, pausing. "So, I was wondering if you would like to go to this... um... dance that S.H.I.E.L.D. is throwing?"
"Sure?" she said, uncertainly.
"Great, see you here on Thursday around 8!"
"Okay?" she said as he kissed her hand and ran to the door. As soon as he was inside, it stopped raining.
Betsy pulled in to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters at 7:50. I hope that I'm not too early. She looked in her mirror and made sure that her dark brown hair was still up and curled. Perfect, she thought as she put a touch of red lipstick on her lips. She walked into S.H.I.E.L.D., receiving many stares of admiration from her flowing red and blue dress. She even got compliments, hearing how Phil had such a beautiful daughter. Sigh. She heard music in the basement and saw the team, all dressed up and dancing, almost bumping into Tony and Pepper. She awkwardly looked around, until she saw Steve waving her over.
"Hello, Betsy! I'm so glad that you could make it!" he said, genuinely glad.
"Captain, who is the Midgardian that you are talking to?" a booming voice, like the thunder, had said behind Betsy. She turned and saw Thor with Jane next to him, her hair down and her dress silver.
"My date, Betsy Coulson," he replied.
"Have fun, Betsy!" Jane said, walking with Thor.
"Who were they?"
"Thor of Asgard and his girlfriend, Jane Foster," Steve replied. "So, would you like to dance?" he asked, holding his hand out.
"Of course," she replied with a small curtsy and taking his hand.
"So does this usually happen for you," Betsy asked as she and Steve were slowly dancing.
"Not at all," he replied, getting closer to her.
"You know, a kiss is the payment for dances these days, Captain."
"Really? I don't think that it is," he replied, confused.
"Yes, it is," she whispered in his ear, kissing him on the cheek and then, slowly, kissing him on the lips.
"Nicely done, Captain," a laughing voice said behind them. Tony Stark starting clapping slowly. "Finally getting in on the action!" he called out, whistling. Betsy turned red and looked at Steve, scrawling something quickly on a piece of paper.
"It's a little late and I should be getting home. Here's my number. Thank you for the magical night," she said, walking towards the door. Steve sighed and looked at Tony with an angry glare.
"I must admit, she was beautiful," Tony said to Steve, patting him on the shoulder.
"Reminded me of Peggy. And is even more beautiful than her," he sighed.

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