The First Quarter Quell - Annemarie's Story.

Annemarie and Sarah's group story :)

Chapter 1

How It All Came To Be - The Fate Of Our Annemarie.

Hi guys! This is Annemarie's reward for 2nd place in my contest. We're gonna trade off chapters. It'll be in the POV of a girl named Annemarie Solas, a District 5 girl based on Annemarie, so my chapters will be as Annemarie - ish as I can. :) So here's my first attempt! Rate, Comment, and Favorite if you want!

~ Sarah ♥♥♥


Name: Annemarie Solas
Age: 14
District: 5
Gender: Female
Weapon: Knives or daggers
Appearance: Red-brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, short, freckles,high cheekbones,average looking.
Personality: Quiet and shy on the outside, and crazy on the inside. Random. Very smart, witty, clever, knows if she's being played. Stubborn and over-thinking, and a little bit unreliable.
Fears: Capitol mutts, being killed by the Careers, messing up, being kidnapped, helplessness.


I run into the square, breathless, and see my family over on the west side. I sprint over, and stand behind my mum, hoping it will go unnoticed that I was very late for the manditory viewing Capitol announcement. No such luck. My mum turns. "Where were you, Annemarie?" she whispers. I open my mouth to answer, my head spinning for an excuse.

But, for once, the Capitol helps me out, by choosing that exact moment to begin the program. The anthem starts, and my mum has to turn towards the giant screen at the front of the square. I breathe a giant sigh of relief, and begin to sing.

After the anthem, President Snow walks up to the stage holding a small brown box. Everyone's whispering curiously - this isn't usually part of the program - what's going on? I just stand, staring at the stage. No one would talk to me, anyway. That's the real reason I was late - I was locked in a school locker, by the people who bully me. (a.k.a. EVERYONE.) Everyone hates me, and I just can't figure out why. Maybe it's because I'm the top student. But so is my sister, Beth, and she's the most popular girl in her grade. So I really don't know.

Up on stage, President Snow clears his throat, and begins to read the card.

"This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Hunger Games!" He exclaims. The Capitol audience cheers loudly. In District 5, we are silent, awaiting our fate. We can tell that nothing good is going to come out of this. Of course, nothing good ever does come out of the Hunger Games.

"As a special reward for our people, we will be marking this special year, we will be having what we will call a Quarter Quell. It will happen every 25 years. It will be a SPECIAL Hunger Games!" The Capitol crowd cheers again. "There will be a special twist in the Games! This first Quarter Quell, the special twist will be... every citizen of every district over 12 years old will cast one vote for one girl in between the ages of 12 and 18 years old, and one for a boy. The girl and boy with the most votes will be this year's tributes!" He leaves the stage. The Capitol crowd cheers like there's no tomorrow.

For me, I think, there IS no tomorrow. Well, maybe a tomorrow. But not much more than a week. Everyone here hates me. Guess who they're gonna vote for?

I am so dead.


What'd u think? Sorry it's short, I can't think properly anymore, after midnight. Not that I ever can in the daytime, anyway. Meh. I could have added more, but I like that ending. Did you? Any constructive critisism I would love! But no haters. So, it's up to Annemarie now do do the vote and reaping! (And decide who the boy is! ♥)

Chocolate Kisses!

~ Sarah ♥♥♥

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