I figured out why my friend sent those mean things. Please read

Chapter 1


Look at what my friend sent to me... She was a best friend too....

F(u)ck you sick, v(i)le, ba stard. Loser. You hater, bully, are a b(a)stard, sick, loser. You are an arrogant, piece of sh(i)t. You think you're cool or like to be a wh(o)re. I hate you, because you are a b(a)stard. You are HEARTLESS. You are a f(v)cking loser is what you are. You are a pathetic, loser, failed attempt of a human being. You realize that MILLIONS of people KNOW, that you are a heartless piece of trash. TRASH. That's what you are.

I-I don't even know anymore.... :'( Who is SHE to call me that? Just because I helped her! Just because I am who I am! I'm so upset.... I wish this could stop!! :'( I never did anything to her!!

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