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Chapter 1

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by: Jaediie

“Kana! Come on, come on!” Ali shook me awake. If anyone else woke me up at 1:00 AM, I would punch them to the gut.
But Ali was my best friend. The only friend.
“What? Why, of all times, would you wake me up this early?”
I asked, annoyed.
“You have to see this! I think the sun is coming up!” Ali tugged my hand. She was carelessly dressed in a gown like a kitchen rag. We were the kitchen servants, in the castle. We were, in other words, slaves.
“Yeah, okay. I'll go see the sun come up at 1:00 in the morning.” I pulled the thin table cloth over my ears and turned around, so I was not facing her. I, being seven years old, even knew that the sun did not come up at 1:00 in the morning.
“I'm serious! It is coming up! Please! Come look!” Ali took my covers away, and left me shivering on my cold, worn mat.
“Fine. Will you leave me alone if I look?” I asked. All I wanted was to get a couple more hours of sleep, under the covers and undisturbed, but I was already wide awake. Sometimes Ali could be a pain. She was only 5, anyway.
I got up and followed Ali to the balcony, where you could see the whole city or Pompeii. It was a fairly nice place, but not that many children lived where I was enslaved...the castle.
But there were plenty of free children on the streets, and many adults taking care of them.
“Kana, look over there! It looks like it is on a mountain. Do you think that is where the sun sleeps?” Ali asked. I squinted and looked where she was pointing. I gasped.
“No, Ali. That, is a volcano...an active one.” I whispered, and sprinted to the bell tower.

“Gong. Gong. Gong.” The bell was heavy. Almost 100 pounds, but I had been trained. I pulled it three times, developing rope burns on my already badly singed hands.
“Run, Ali. Go tell the Queen. Make sure she tells everyone to get out of the city. The volcano is erupting. GO!” I screamed.
Ali was reluctant, but she did what she was told. I could hear her crying all the way down the hall. Her footsteps soon died away and I felt the real meaning of being alone. Dark. Silent. And heartbreaking. I did not know what to do next, but my body reacted like I had a plan. I rushed to the balcony, just to see drowsy townspeople emerging from their cottages, rubbing eyelids. What would I tell them? That a seven-year old kid just decided to ring the bell because she thought a volcano was erupting? No. I was all books. I read every single one I could lay my small, dry hands on. I knew that the volcano was erupting. I had hoped it would for 2 years, but I had been silly. I wanted to see what it looked like. But now, it was the real thing. It was happening right now. And I had to do something. I knew I had to.
“Excuse me! Hello—excuse me--” I yelled over the balcony. No one heard me. I tried again. “The volcano is erupting!”
I bellowed as loud as I could. The balcony was about 30 feet from the ground. Of course they wouldn't hear me! But, to my astonishment, some one did. And good they did, too. But I was sure everyone would notice, because the ground started to shake violently. “VOLCANO!” One of the adults yelled.
“AH! Children, with me, run! RUN!” Another bellowed. Marble columns started to shake. The balcony I was standing on split in half. In one little second, I was dangling off the edge of the balcony. The ground seemed miles away. But my strength seemed even farther. I couldn't keep like that. Strong Kara, tough Kara, pretty Kara...what Ali called her...that had gone. That had vanished as Kara let go and plummeted towards the ground, completely limp.

It seemed like Kara had fainted in mid-air. She felt nothing. She felt no pain. Just big, blue eyes...
“...Kara? Is that what they call you?” A boy, probably 15, asked me.
“Yes.” I answered. I had no idea what happened. Was this heaven? No. We were running. The earthquake was still happening. And Ali...Ali! I had to get Ali! I should have never left her!
“Excuse me, I have to go look for someone.” I ran. As fast as I could. The castle was not too far. That was good. “Ali! ALI!” I started to yell. Everyone was pushing and shoving others to get out of the range of the volcano. I wasn't going anywhere until I found my best friend. My hopeless friend...and my hopeless self. I felt much older...but less strong. I kept running. The castle was partly destroyed when I
reached it. It was split in half. There were columns laying on their sides, and layers of dust covered the floor. And there, in the corner, was a little, whimpering child, no older than 5, In a dusty, splattered dish-rag like piece of cloth. Ali. I rushed to her side. “Ali. Are you okay? Say something!” I cried, shaking her. “Ye-Yes...Kana, I couldn't warn them, the castle split in half before I could cross over, and I fell down here and...they...they were inside...I think they got crushed. I'm sorry...”Ali started to weep inside my arms. “It's okay. I never liked them anyway.” I tried to cheer her up. But she didn't exactly care for what I said. The ash from the volcano started to cover everything. It was building fast.
“Come! We have to get out! Hur-he-cho...eh...hurry...”I started to choke on the air that was filled with smoke. The heat was building up to. Buildings crashed down. Ali and I ran as fast as we could, which wasn't very fast. I was half blinded by the dense smoke. I could tell that Ali was scared. I was to, but I tried not to show it. Rocks started to fall from the sky, it seemed. They were really rolling down the volcano, which was starting to heat up the city. “RUN!” I screamed at her. I could tell she was getting tired by the second. She tripped on the dense layer of ash, and I did too. The only thing we could do was lay there, getting trampled on. No one cared about us. They just kept on going. I started to choke violently on the smoke, and I could hear Ali's raspy breathing. Then I did what brought peace to me...it felt like all the pain went away, laying there, right there...as I started to dream endlessly.

I looked over my body, sprawled across the ashy ground. Ali wasn't there. She had been saved. But I was glad it was her. My dead body was getting covered up by ash. Hundreds of people were on the ground. Some were coughing and some were laying motionless. I knew that I was dead, I was a spirit, and I was going to find Ali, no matter what. I felt like water. Like a liquid – but not quite a liquid. Gas, but not gas. I was, I guess you could say, a ghost. I never believed in that, but there I was, gliding on the ground. Well, not really. I was walking, like normal. “Is this what it feels like? No pain?” I thought as I wandered through the streets. If I were a solid, I would sink into the ash. It was almost my height, only I could swish through it like air. I had always imagined heaven being a clean, white cloud, drifting in the pure white sky with pure white, warm snow...but that wasn't heaven. That was fantasy. And I was not even in heaven yet! It was my world, Pompeii still!
I walked through things, and through people. They didn't notice me. Just like they did when I was alive.
I tried to find Ali. “Ali!” I yelled. If she were dead, where would she be? If she is alive, where is she? I decided I couldn't look for her any longer. I decided to let go. And I also decided to end my journey here, and end this memory, captured in a story. The memory of a little girl who died, and the memory...that was mine.

The end!


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