Blood Warrior

Kari Stone was orphaned when she was just a baby. She was taken in by Aurora Sills a half wizard, half elf warrior. Aurora trained Kari to become an excellent fighter. Years later when Kari is 15, Alzure is falling apart by the war against the Zords. Kari must help her master Aurora fight them while journeying to far places to find clues of what happen to her parents. Meeting friends along the way, making enemies with Queen Silver and struggling with a power she swore never to use.

Chapter 3

Facing Death? I Don't Think So.

Kari's P.O.V
"Damn it!" I yell as throw the book on the ground. "I'm never going to find out about myself! I wish this would be easier!"I feel the tears filling in my eyes and my brain pounding hard against my skull. I knew all of this was just pointless, but as I was sinking into my sea doubt, felt a warm hand pull me out. It was Master with that sweet smile of her's.

"Kari my darling. You must be patient. I know I've said that to you a lot, but you are so stubborn sometimes." Oh here we go I thought. This was always apart of her so called "pep talks". I know she means well, but every time she does this she ends up saying "I'm right and your wrong, so just do as I say." Okay maybe she doesn't actually say that, but to me that's what she's basically saying.

"We'll find your parents. I just know it, but you have to focus and not let your emotions slow you down. I know it will be difficult and stressing, but I believe we can do this."

"Okay." I sighed, not really knowing what to say. I don't know if I could go like this much longer. Master reached for another book when suddenly a loud bang from the door made us jump of the chairs.

"Freeze!" A soldier commanded. "In order of Queen Silver you are under arrest Kari Stone!"

My face filed with horror as he said those words. "What the hell is meaning of all this!?" I screamed. "I've done nothing wrong!"

"Silence maggot!" He barked as he put the tip of his sword right in front of my head. "One move and I'll cut you into tiny pieces! And you wizard" He pointed to Master. "If you try to get her out of here, you'll be put to death as well!"

I stood there frozen in my own fear. What do I do? I was literally inches away to death. What is going on?

Well I guess my mind went blank, because the next think I knew I was flying! I look up to see it was Master who had me in her arms and she flew us out of the Hall of Records.

"The criminals are escaping!" The soldier shouted. And then a whole swarm of soldiers came right out of no where and started taking their weapons out. Luckily Master used her mind power to control their actions.

"Faint!" She commanded. And with that all the guards fell to the floor. She looked down at me and said to me "Don't worry." As if she knew I was terrified enough. "I'll get us out of here safely."

I look up to see her face focused and vigilant. I think she realizes as much as me that we're far from safe from this point on.

Note: I'm so sorry! School has been sucking away my free time and I didn't have time to write. And sorry if you think this chapter is lame. :(

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