Blood Warrior

Kari Stone was orphaned when she was just a baby. She was taken in by Aurora Sills a half wizard, half elf warrior. Aurora trained Kari to become an excellent fighter. Years later when Kari is 15, Alzure is falling apart by the war against the Zords. Kari must help her master Aurora fight them while journeying to far places to find clues of what happen to her parents. Meeting friends along the way, making enemies with Queen Silver and struggling with a power she swore never to use.

Chapter 2

The Fire Burns

Kari's P.O.V
"Why are all the lights off? Its darker inside than out. What's going on?"

"Clam down Kari." Said Master. "Its just a caution we have to take. If the Zords come to the castle, they won't be able to see. Remember that Zords can't see in the darkness."

"I see." I said stumbling thourgh the darken hall. "Then how are we going to see?"

"Oh that's right. I didn't teach you the glowing eyes trick. Well some other time. Hold on a moment." Seconds later a fire raised out of Master's hand. "Come along child. We don't want to keep the king waiting.

"Right." Why didn't Master teach me that trick? Does she not trust me? I just get so irritated when she does this to me. She treats me like a child, and she still calls me one! I wish she would see that I am grown up now.


"Its good to see you both doing well." Said King Orda. He was a kind man. Reddish short brown hair. Light tan. Gloden eyes. Just an all around nice person. He is a very strong leader.

"Thank you." Me and Master say.

"So what brings you here?"

"My good sir." Said Master. We would like your permission to check the record hall for some information."

"What kind of information are you taking about?"

"I need to find who they really are. I need to find out about my parents." I say abruptly. It stayed silent for a minute, until he cleared his throat and said

"I see. Very well you both may use it. You have on hour."

"Thank you your Majesty."

Silver's P.O.V
"Excuse me your Grace?" Said one of my servants.

"What is it?!" I say angrily. I did not have time to listen to anyone.

"I'm so sorry, its just that Kari Stone and Aurora Sills are here. The king has granted them permission to the record hall." I look at him to see if he was joking, but by that look I'd see he's dead serious. I thought I told them they were forbidden form ever going there. If she finds the truth it will ruin everything I have worked for.

"Guard!" I yell

"Yes your Majesty."

"See to it that they are thrown out."

"But the king said they could-."

"Silence! Just do as your told!"

"Yes your Majesty."

As long as that girl is here, she'll have all my plans ruin. But I know just the way to make sure she's out of my way. After all even the most prettiest and full bloomed of flowers, must one day wither up and die.

*Note: I won't be able to update as much since school started, but I will do my best to write as much as I can. I'm so sorry this chapter is kind of short and lame. :(

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