Blood Warrior

Kari Stone was orphaned when she was just a baby. She was taken in by Aurora Sills a half wizard, half elf warrior. Aurora trained Kari to become an excellent fighter. Years later when Kari is 15, Alzure is falling apart by the war against the Zords. Kari must help her master Aurora fight them while journeying to far places to find clues of what happen to her parents. Meeting friends along the way, making enemies with Queen Silver and struggling with a power she swore never to use.

Chapter 1

The End Of A Life

"Your power is indeed strong, but you have no control. Look what you've done. You killed the entire village." She pointed to the burning village where the the bodies lay, covered in their own blood and the faces horrible disfigured. "Now that you have calmed down I want you to promise that you shall never you use these powers again. Do we have an agreement?"

"Yes. I swear that I will never use these powers again. I'm deeply sorry my Queen."

"Good. Aurora!"

"Yes your Majesty." Aurora was my guardian and teacher. She is a skilled warrior and spell caster. She the one who found me abandon in the caves when I was an infant.

"Please make sure you keep that child under control. I don't want this happening again."

"Yes your Majesty. I'll make sure that she is properly trained."

"Alright then. Good day to you both." The Queen said as she road off in her carriage.

"I'm so sorry Aurora!" I choked. "Its my fault you're in trouble to! If I hadn't have gotten so angry this w-wouln't h-have h-happened!" I couldn't even look at her, I was so ashamed. Everything is my fault. I collapsed to floor. I didn't want anyone to see me cry.

"Its okay Kari." Aurora said as she patted my back. "It was my fault for pushing you so hard. Don't cry, I will train you more until you know how to control your strength. You're safe with me my child." I looked up at her and fell into her arms and cried. Aurora was the only one who ever really cared.

"And I promise that I will listen to every word you say. I trust in you that you will help me become a great warrior."

Five Years Later

"Are we there yet?" I sigh. "How much longer will we have to walk?"

"Soon my child. You must learn to be patient." Said my master Aurora.

"I'm sorry Master, but its just that I want to get there before they come and find us. I don't want to fight them. We barely got away last time."

"I know. Don't worry. We'll get there before they come to get us. I won't let them harm you. Okay?" She said with a warm smile.

"Okay." I said half trusting. I still want to get there as soon as possible. Not just because of the beasts that may come after us, but to finally find out the truth about what happened to me parents.

"We're here." I look up to see the castle of Alzure, tall as the heavens itself. "Are you ready Kari." Said Master Aurora.

"I'm ready." I say with a deep breath. I touch the door with my hand. I look up one more time at the castle. What lies behind these doors may change everything. Says a voice in my head. Well that was a chance I was always willing to take. I took one last breath and then I open the doors.

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