Uncovering The Truth - A Transformers Prime Breakdown Love Story

Uncovering The Truth - A Transformers Prime Breakdown Love Story

Hey Guys :) I Decided To Make This Story Out Of Boredom :P So Its Not The Best That Ive Done But Any Way This Is The First Chapter :) If You Have Any Idea's Please Tell Me Id Love To Hear Them :) Basically This Is Me In The Story But She Can Transform Into A Robot - Hope You All Enjoy - SweetSpark

Chapter 1

Finding A Shard Of The Truth - Breakdown Love Story - Chapter 1

My name is Jessica im a 13 year old and silas is my dad awful isnt it ive lived my whole life being beaten to hurt people and to be strong though it doesnt work i cant stand hurting people i hate it but to make it worse he found out about robots that live on this planet with us and right now he is trying to capture one i stay at the base and wait for him to get back but there is something no one knows about me i can transform to robot too i cant tell my dad or he will go mental at me and use me for his science experiment so i keep it hidden i heard an engine coming towrads me i stood up and walked over to the rail and waited and in came several cars i saw my dad he had a smirk on his face and on another car was a robot i gasped and ran down to him

''da-i mean silas'' i said quickly he didnt let me call him dad

''what have i told you about calling me dad'' he said slapping me across the face i stepped back

''sorry..i-i just want to know what are you doing with him'' i said looking at the giant blue robot

''we are going to break him down'' he said looking at the others while they tied him to a giant plate he started walking up to the rail to see him and i followed not taking my eyes off of this poor robot

''he will be awake anytime soon'' he said and all the others finished tieing him down and moved off to do their own thing and the robot started to budge

''wa-what happened'' he said

''your here at our base'' my dad said

''let me go you fleshling'' he said

''no we wont do that we are going to use you to see how we can make our own versions of you and im afraid you wont survive the process'' my dad said and my eyes widened the robot looked at me and i shook my head slightly looking down sadly

i heard a drill start and i quickly looked at the robot to see they had a machine going for its eye and it was going to drill it out i gasped and ran out of the room i couldnt stop it but i wasnt going to watch either i covered my ears to block the screams of the robot and i heard the door slam i turned to see my dad glaring at me

''why cant you stay and watch'' he said

''i dont want to watch him get hurt'' i said and he grabbed my arm

''well you should of stayed i dont care your a stupid weak little girl'' he said and started beating me i blocked a couple but still had a couple cuts and bruises there was no point in asking him to stop it never worked it just made him madder so i let him do what he wanted to do he looked at me

''learn how to be strong'' he said and walked out i sighed and wiped a tear that fell from my eye before sitting down and i waited to see if everyone would leave after they did i walked out i looked around to make sure everyone was gone and i looked at the robot it was dark so he couldnt see me and i was quite so he couldnt hear me either i kept walking and turned off the security cameras they wouldnt notice they were off for a couple of hours and then i walked out to the robot and turned on a lightl above him the walls were soundproof so they wouldnt be able to hear anything

''back again'' he said and i stepped into the light and saw him he had scratchs and his eyes was missing my eyes softened

''im sorry'' i said and he looked at me

''what?!'' he said shocked

''im soo sorry for this h-he is just so mean'' i said and walked to his side

''you didnt do anything'' he said and i knodded

''im going to get you out of here'' i said

''how can you do that'' he asked

''im going to show you something okay?'' i said and he knodded i took a deep breath and transformed

''wow'' he said and i looked at him i ripped the hooks off his hand and he sat up and ripped them off his legs

''thanks'' he said and i smiled

''no problem now go now before they come back'' i said and he grabbed my arm

''come with me'' he said and i shook my head

''i cant'' i said

''but if you stay he will hurt you'' he said and i knodded and went with him we both ran out of the base i didnt know anything about this bot but i trusted him i didnt know why but i did and i wasnt going to be beaten any more i ran outside

''breakdown resquesting emergency groundbridge'' he said and i looked at him he knodded

''thats my name breakdown'' he said and i knodded

''im jessica'' i said and he knodded

''nice to meet you'' he said and a bright light appeared i backed behind him and he chuckled

''dont worry its just a ground bridge we are going through that and then we will be at my base'' he said and i knodded and followed him through and once we got through i gasped and lookd around

''wow'' i said and he smirked

''this is the base'' he said

''its massive'' i said

''well its actually a ship more than a base'' he said and i knodded

''cmon i have to introduce you to someone'' he said and i followed him

''lets go then'' i said and we walked down halls after halls while breakdown told me he was a decepticon and all about the autobots and other bots and cons we walked into the main room to see a big grey robot who breakdown told me was megatron standing with his hands clasped behind his back once we came in he turned around and looked at us my eyes widened and a flash went through my mind id seen him before i always have these flashs of robots i thought id seen before but this seemed different like he meant something

''breakdown where did you find her'' he said walked towards us

''she was with m.e.c.h sir why?'' breakdown said

''i know you from somewhere'' i said and he knodded

''im your father'' he said and i gasped


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