Our Book of awesome! XD (read intro)

okay, so ill start with something that I find is awesome, and explain it a bit then someone else with write on and so on and so on... comment if u want to write a chapter!

Chapter 1

Walking out of a hair salon after you have just finished getting your hair cut...

Don't you just love the feeling after you get a hair cut?

In the beggining you're nervous and excited to see what the stylist is going to do to you. So you skip on over to the chair when the stylist calls your name, hop up on the chair and get ready to be transformed!

When the stylist is finished, you look into the mirror to admire your new hair!Your hair is so nice and soft and it just adds a spring to your step. You can't stop touching it or smiling... the world is yours!

So go out there and enjoy your new hair for the next couple days and have yourself a big world of AWESOME!

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