Blue and Hot yet Grey and Cold (Sequel to Love Stronger Than Iron)


Chapter 1

Info and Chapter One

Ok hi guys! Eden and Mel had some kids so here's their info!!

Name: Zoey Baggins
Age: 5
Looks: Long black hair (the same color as Frodo's) and grey eyes, like Eden
Personality: sweet, shy, loving, determined to find out who and where her father is. (he left, remember?)
Family: Mel, Frodo, Eden, Merry, Grant, Halle, Ariana, and Jotham

Name: Ariana Baggins
Age: 5
Looks: Blond hair (like Eden's) and Melody's eyes
Personality: outgoing, loud, fun, too curious for her own good
Family: Mel, Eden, Frodo, Zoey, Merry, Grant, Halle, Zoey and Jotham

Jotham Baggins
Age: 5
Looks: Frodo's hair, Mel's eyes
Personality: stubborn, shy, determined
Family: Mel, Frodo, Eden, Merry, Grant, Halle, Ariana, and Zoey

Name: Halle (pronounced Haley) Brandybuck
Age: 9
Looks: long brown hair (like Melody's), hazel eyes
Personality: smart, shy, loving, stubborn, curious
Family: Mel, Eden, Frodo, Merry, Zoey, Jotham, Ariana and other sibling

Name: Grant Brandybuck
Age: 7
Looks: short blond curly hair (like Eden) and brown eyes (like Merry)
Personality: outgoing, friendly, stubborn, loving
Family: Mel, Eden, Frodo, Merry, Zoey, Ariana, Jotham, and Grant

Yes, Frodo and Mel did get triplets.

I sat in the chair, silently looking out of the window. I was recalling the day Frodo, my husband, left. I cried myself to sleep a lot. I didn't tell anybody, but I had been distant. We were going into the forest with Eden, Merry, and their kids soon, so I stood up to get Zoey, Ariana, and Jotham. I stood up and walked outside, feeling the warmth of the Sun on my skin.

I decided to call Zoey first. "Zoey!" I called out. My daughter appeared out from behind some bushes, looking at me. "Yes, mama?" she asked. I smiled at her. "Hun, where are your siblings?" She looked at me sweetly. "Follow me! I know where they are!" And with that, she walked off into the forest.

We were walking for awhile and I thought Zoey had no clue where she was going. "Hun, where are we?" I asked her. She hesitated, then answered slowly. "I dunno." I fought the urge to groan, kind of annoyed with her. But she was only five.

"Let's go." I said and turned around, hoping to find Ariana and Jotham. Zoey suddenly ran off into the bushes. "Where are you going, love?" I asked. No reply. I worriedly drew my mini sword. The one I got from Aragorn. For the first time in years, my stone turned boiling hot. I used a trick Eden told me about, and grabbed the stone. I got a vision.

It was an all too familiar creature. An orc. Standing in front of the five kids, ready to strike.

I screamed, and ran to where Zoey had run off. I burst out of the bushes, and saw the same Orc. I ran in font of the kids and shouted, "If you want them, you'll have to get through me!" and held up the sword, hearing little Halle sniffle in fear.

The orc started laughing. Recalling the day when Sam and.... Frodo... were kidnapped, I stuck my sword through the thing's gut. It collapsed. I held the stone up to my lips. "Eden, if you don't know what is going on.... come help me!!" I was sure the stone would send a signal to her.

I whipped around and held the kids close. I whispered comforting words and feared they would have to come on an adventure with me and Eden. I thought of Frodo, who would be here for me... No. Don't think of him. You have five kids to take care of at the moment. Focus on that.

I stood up after awhile and decided we should run. We were lost, there were Orcs. What else could we do? "Kids, listen up. You remember the creature that attacked you? There will be more. We need to run." Grant piped up. "What about Mom? And Dad? Aunt Melody, where will we go?" I looked at him. "Hun, I have no clue. But we have to go. it's our only chance."

They nodded, and I said, "Let's go." Before they ran off with me following. The little kids were being so brave.. I hoped the Shire wouldn't be attacked. That was one of my fears at the moment.

We sat. We had been running, walking and resting all day. I gave Eden a status report like in the old days. "Eden, I'm out in the forest with the kids. All five. I have no clue where we are. We were attacked by orcs. I have a feeling this is going to be another adventure. You should get a signal of where I am. Come find me. Halle and Grant miss their parents. Love from all six, Melody." I pulled the stone away.

I sighed, watching Halle, Grant, Zoey, Ariana and Jotham sleep. Poor little things.. they were most likely frightened. I kept watch for awhile. Not being used to doing so, I also fell asleep. I was awoken by someone shaking me. It wasn't one of the kids, too large a character. It wasn't an orc, it would have just killed me. I knew it wasn't Frodo. I stood up quickly and pulled out my sword, ready to strike.

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