Survivor (UPDATEEEEE :))

Teens are faced with unthinkable predicaments..Plz keep reading...there will be many more chapters! hope ya like! Yes, there are plenty of chapters, but there all very short so dont stop becuz ya c so many!
by: _Forever__Broken_ , I_wont_hate , Breaking The Falls, & Unicorns_R_Boss

Chapter 30


Tears sprang to Alex's face. Where could she be. He suddenly knew how Thalia felt when he left to explore. He herd a scream in the distance. Thalias scream. He broke into a run, untill he saw her, Thalia in the arms of a bear. "No!" he screamed. He grabbed his dagger and flung it at the bear. They both fell. Alex scooped up crying Thalia and kissed her softly. "Ow! Geez! What the heck?" asked the bear. "W-why is t-the b-bear talking?" asked Thalia. "I don't know." I whispered. They both started screaming, and running and in circles. "Relax!." The bear said. "I'm not really a bear, you morons." The suit was unzipped, revealing a girl with flowing blond hair and emerald green eyes. "I'm Angela." She said sticking out her hand. I reluctantly shook it. The girl was beautiful. But I like Thalia... right? "So why are we here?" asked Thalia. I took this time to take in my surroundings. Lucious trees,flowers of all colors, and houses dotted around. "You will see." she said. My heard thumped as I stared at her, she was so pretty. But her words echoed in my head. You will see.
Hey though I'd add some suspense! Hope you liked


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