Survivor (UPDATEEEEE :))

Teens are faced with unthinkable predicaments..Plz keep reading...there will be many more chapters! hope ya like! Yes, there are plenty of chapters, but there all very short so dont stop becuz ya c so many!
by: _Forever__Broken_ , I_wont_hate , Breaking The Falls, & Unicorns_R_Boss

Chapter 3


by: nopls
ALEXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP! cried my mom
I slowly climbed out of bed and slipped on some dark jeans and a hoodie, I walked downstairs to the kitchen where my mom had popcorn sitting on the table for breakfeast. "Mom, again, really POPCORN for breakfeast, this is the 5th time this week!, why can i just hae cereal like normal people, gawd!" i said annoyed "Yes really you little asss! Your lucky i even feed you! Now eat your fvcking popcorn!!!!" She screamed I sat at the table and spoke nothing. When i was finally done with my so called breakfeast i threw my plate in the sink and rushed out the door and onto the bus.

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