Survivor (UPDATEEEEE :))

Teens are faced with unthinkable predicaments..Plz keep reading...there will be many more chapters! hope ya like! Yes, there are plenty of chapters, but there all very short so dont stop becuz ya c so many!
by: _Forever__Broken_ , I_wont_hate , Breaking The Falls, & Unicorns_R_Boss

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Talia

I open my eyes and check the time. Wow its still early. my first day of school today. I get up and shower and pick out a red tank top and fish net leggings with a black skirt and knee high convers. I go downstair and as always theres nobody home. My mother died when I was 3 and my father was assasinated two years ago. And im an only child. I eat cereal and I hear the bus. I walk quietly outside and towards the bus I get in and sit at the first empty seat I see.

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