Monster Like Me

WARNING: CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND ALCOHOL USE. I hope you like this story. I'm still thinking it out, but PLZ comment! Any characters described in the story are completely unintended and coincidental. This is an original story, not based on any events or situations. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1


I didn't want to kill my father...wait...I did. He murdered my mom and my two sisters, Jennifer and Lynna. Jenni was 10 and Lynna was 7. I couldn't think straight, but now I realize it was the only thing to do. My father was an alcoholic and he beat all of us. Me, being the oldest, 14, was beat the most because I was trying to stop him. The CPS came when I called, but my mom and sisters didn't admit to it and there wasn't any proof. One day, he came home from the bar. I smelled the alcohol on him. He tripped over Lynna's shoes and yelled "LYNNA, GET YOUR @$& IN HERE!!"
"Yes, papa...?" she said when she walked in, teary eyed.
"I SHOULD--YOU KNOW WHAT, I WILL!" and he slapped her. "Daddy!" she cried. "YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT" he yelled. Lynna curled into a ball on the hardwood floors. "IDIOT GIRL!" Then Jenni came in "Dad, STOP!"
"DID I ASK YOU TO COME IN?" Then he picked Lynna off the floor and hurled her at Jenni. They both fell backwards into the fine china cabinet and glass rained on their bodies. They weren't breathing. My mother came in and screamed "NOOOOO!!! MY BABIES!! YOU KILLED THEM!!!"
"DON'T YELL AT ME!" My dad said as he picked up a glass shard and threw it at my mom's head. By now, I was peeking out my bedroom doorway and I almost stopped breathing. I had to think fast because it was only a matter of time before he came for me too. I made a dash for my parent's bedroom and snatched open the drawer. I pulled out a gun. I've never shot a gun before, but I knew that would change today. I went to my dad, and shouted "HEY, YOU SON OF A %*#$&!! YOU'RE GONNA GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!" and I pulled the trigger.

TO BE CONTINUED (if I get enough comments, so tell your friends :D)

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