A Naruto story (if you don't watch/read Naruto yur gonna be really confused)

So this is a Naruto fan fic and follows part of the story(the beginning of Shippuden), but after that I change everything. If you don't watch Naruto yur gonna be REALLY confused.

I don't know if i'll ever finish this, but I'll try to work on it every night(that doesn't mean a chapter a day though) sorry the chapters are kinda short, i got writers block and it works better for me to make them shorter.

Chapter 1


by: x__v
Even though the village was being attacked I remained calm and stayed with Gaara. I had to because I had been assigned to protect him. Suddenly we heard explosions outside, me and Gaara ran out to see three dead guards. A sand ninja named Baki ran up to give a report on the damage, I looked up and saw a tall blonde man riding on a white bird flying towards us. 'Gaara' I said. 'Yes Setsunai?' he replied. 'look' I said pointing to the man. Baki noticed and said 'That's the ninja that caused the explosions!' Gaara and me started after the ninja. As we were lifted by Gaara's sand the enemy sent out other smaller clay birds that flew towards us. 'what are those?' Garra asked. Before I could answer one of the birds blew up, but it was to far away for it to harm us. 'I guess that answers that question' I said. Gaara kept the some birds from harming us, while I used my technique to make the bombs explode early which seemed to confuse the enemy. Gaara's sand was chasing the ninja on the bird while he kept releasing more explosions. The sand finally caught up to him and crushed his arm. The ninja then made a huge clay bomb, now was my time to help. Before the bomb could explode I made a large chakra shield around it to keep it from leveling the whole village. This took a very large chunk of my chakra and I almost collapsed. To protect me he formed his last defense around us, hardened sand in the form of a sphere. As I realized to late the enemy ninja had managed to get one of his explosives into the defense. As low as my chakra was I used the last of it to make a shield. I managed to block most of the explosion. Then everything went black....

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